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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Berry Hills community.  This fun, free spirited community, located just south of downtown Nashville, is lined with boutique shopping and homes that have been converted into independently owned restaurants.

My afternoon started with lunch at Baja Burrito, which is not just another burrito joint.  This place features an extensive menu of fresh ingredients (similar to a Chipotle) in a fun, inviting setting filled with vibrant colors.  They feature a great outdoor space, which is perfect for dining during the cooler months.  If and when I’m in this area, it is certainly going to be me go-to spot for lunch!

After filling my stomach, I made the short drive to Designer Renaissance for a little consignment shopping.  If you live in or around Nashville, you enjoy fashion, and you have not been here, you are  definitely missing out! This resale boutique features anything and everything you could possibly need.  While most of it may not be “in season”, there are many timeless wardrobe necessities in the store, all at affordable prices. As their sale items rotate out monthly, I think it’s pretty safe to say I’ll be taking my lunch break in this area frequently to ensure I snag the best items!

Of course, living in the south, I’m no stranger to exceptionally hot and humid days.  Being the heart of summer, it usually rains frequently in the afternoons, amplifying the dreaded humidity factor.  While it hasn’t rained in almost two weeks, the humidity still manages to plague the area. Yesterday was  no weather exception! (Hence the two block drive from Baja Burrito to Designer Renaissance!) So to brave the heat & humidity, I chose a casual outfit and attempted to dress it up a bit with accessories.

Outfit details:

Sunglasses: These are too low end to mention (I’m currently building a sunglasses budget!)

Necklace: Macy’s (style not available online – but please visit Barbara at the Green Hills location!)

Flower Ring: Kate Spade

Watch: Seico (no longer available)

Top: Victoria Secret (similar style only)

Skirt: Century 21 (no idea who makes it or where to find it now.)

Shoes: Nine West (no longer available)


While on my yearly hiatus to New York City, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a wonderful new product, Lierac’s Sensorielle oil. This product was not on the market at the time of my trip, but has now been introduced to the world and is making headlines left and right. I can’t emphasis enough how much I love, love, LOVE this product.  The combination of aragan, hazelnut, grape seed, and sweet almond oils provide the perfect blend of hydration to nourish and soften your skin while the combination of jasmine, camellia, and gardenia provide the perfect scent.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, my sister will be getting married this weekend.  I’ve been using this product all week to ensure that my skin is looking its best for all of her wedding day bliss. The oil is perfect for every day use as it has a non greasy feel and  blends easily into skin and hair.  Applied daily, it helps keep skin  looking and feeling fabulous for a solid 24 hours.  If you prefer, mix the oil with bath water for a refreshing, calming soak.

If you haven’t tried this product yet, what are you waiting for?

Friday night = Date night.  And who couldn’t use a little fabulous in their life?  I decided I was going all out, even if it was over the top for pizza and beer. We’ll call this look my “Gifted” look as all the items, except the jeans, were given to me on various occasions as gifts.

Outfit details:

Earrings & necklace set: I can only speculate this came from Francesca’s,

Top: Forever 21.  The style is no longer available.

Skinny jeans: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Nine West.  The style is no longer available, but a similar style can be pre-ordered here. (I would highly recommend this similar style!)

Purse: Prada, circa 2006.  This particular bag is no longer available, but similar styles are likely available where the Prada collections are sold.