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Five months ago, I owned a whopping seven eye shadows: white, 2 pinks,  silver, 2 purples, and a neutral trio.  My eyes were pretty basic at  best.  I didn’t appreciate the impact a set of good brushes and a  blending of colors could have on a person.  I’ve expanded my horizons as of late, and even had to move into a new make-up drawer for my accumulation of colors.

Starting my new job this week, I needed a set that was “office” friendly. My go to set is the Too Faced Natural Eye Collection.  It has three color schemes, and even comes with cheat sheets on how to create looks using the schemes; which makes it  the perfect palette for beginners. (To all my Nashville friends who read this, get to the store and purchase it now!) The looks are perfect for the office, and can be easily converted for a night on the town.  I’ve even learned to mix and match the color combos to create a look that is all my own. Don’t worry, I’ll slowly but surely move my more colorful palettes in to the office wardrobe before it is all over!

Visit your local Sephora and snag your new look today!


Last week I visited Southern California for the first time.  We landed at LAX, and the second I walked out the doors, I fell in LOVE.  The weather was lovely and the sky was the perfect shade of blue.  I walked around on the beach and tasted the Pacific Ocean — also for the first time.  Given the southern summer heat and humidity, it’s a wonder I’m not still there now!

I’m not easily star struck, so I didn’t set out to find anyone “famous”.  Rather, I relished the little time I had to enjoy the life I wished I could lead. I did some of the touristy things, like visiting Rodeo Drive and going to the Santa Monica Pier.  I also did some not-so-touristy things, by visiting Angel’s Gate Park and the La Brea tar pits.  If I ever get to go back, I’ll be one happy camper.

During the stay, I went to a restaurant called Yamashiro, which is nestled on a hill in Hollywood, as evidenced by my backdrop above.  Best sushi EVER. Dinner even lasted long enough to watch the sun set and see the skyline at dark.  Breathtaking. Seriously, if you live in LA, you NEED to eat there, like now!

If I could afford rent, I would’ve started packing my house the second I landed back in Tennessee.  Sorry New York, this girl is official a California girl! (Katy Perry seems appropriate to listen to right about now….)

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses: Nine West (style no longer available)

Dress: H&M (style not available online. Please see a store near you)

Purse: Goody’s (sadly, this store went out of business years ago)

Shoes: Dolce & Gabana (style no longer available)