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Ever since I decided to start this blog, I’ve gotten various questions such as “Where is the best place to buy this” or “Where can I look to find that”? I can’t think of a better time than the start of fall to compile a list of the best “where to” places to help out these friends. I preface my list with these are all personal favorites, but I love them so much, I recommend them no matter who you are!

Best Department Store: Nordstrom–From designer brands to everyday casual, by far the best shoe department I’ve ever encountered.

Best Shoe Store: Nine West – ya’ll know I have a personal bias as 90%+ of my shoe collection comes from here. I just love how they are true to size, which means I can always buy online to avoid mall madness.

Best Handbags: TJ Maxx—this might seem a little surprising, but I love their selection. It helps that everything is color coordinated so, if I need black, I can find black, but if I want to be outrageous and buy yellow, there’s probably one in there somewhere!

Best Fashion Jewelry: Macy’s—from chunky necklaces to sterling silver pendants to bangles, Macy’s has fashion accessories for all.

Best Beauty Products: Sephora – All the cosmetics you could ever need, any scent you could every want, and hands down the best customer assistance all under one roof. Have I mentioned I’m a Sephora fan for life? (Their rewards program is a pretty sweet deal too!) Wait a minute you say? I’m partial to MAC? It’s true, I love MAC for its pigmentation and boldness, but, MAC isn’t always appropriate for my life. And when I need to stock up on other products, you’ll find me at Sephora.

Best Casual Fashion: H&M—I’ve become a big fan of H&M over the past year. We may not have on in Nashville, but every time I visit NYC or ATL, I’m there. They have dresses, skirts, tops, jeans, and even under garments. Go big and bold, or GO HOME. Of course, if you are a teeny-bopper, you’d probably want me to say Forever 21, but, sorry kids….just not a big fan personally. It doesn’t fit me right!

Best Career Fashion:
Women: The Limited—you can go classic suit or spice up your business casual. I routinely get compliments on my outfits, and as with my shoes, 90%+ come from here!

Men: Brooks Brothers—what is it about a man in a suit that just makes me swoon? These are priced on the high end in opinion, but, they are timeless and classic and can make any man look like a million bucks.

These are just a few of my (personal) “best” places to shop. I also subscribe to Ideeli, Gilt Groupe, and Rue La La. These websites are fantastic because there is always variety. Shoes, purses, clothes, even home goods. You name it, you can find it. My boss even recently purchased a trip to South America on one of these sites! Also, don’t forget to sign up for your favorite places mailing lists. They’ll send you insider information on sales and deals, so you can be sure to get the they have to offer.

Next time you need a pick-me-up, check out one of my favorite places, and maybe it’ll become one of yours to. Fall is seriously just around the corner. Get out there, and get up to date!