Archives For January 2012

My friend Sarah once told me, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I have hung on to every word of this since she said it three years ago. This is probably why I found it amusing my boss sent me an article titles “8 ways women can get ahead in the workplace” as a variation of the phrase was in the article. (I figured the list was in no particular order as this was #8.)

I met a dear friend last week for happy hour, and she told me she is now making a conscious effort to look her best every day. She’s (trying) to put her make-up on at home, rather than in the work parking lot, and she’s making sure her nails are painted every week. I commend her for her efforts. I know that when I walk into the office every day, appearance is 9/10 of the law. (Yes, even/especially in an accounting firm!)

I’m taking a page out of her book in attempting to make sure my nails look their best every week. This week, I took my other Zoya polish out for a test drive. Let me just say, Harley, you are AMAZING! The grey meshes with the silver perfectly. And just like Kylie, the color is subtle with that ever so slight hint of shimmer. The shade is perfect for every outfit in my closet! (And did I mention that even after 6 days didn’t have a single chip?) While I do find the color works best with deep, rich color pallets such as burgundy or hunter green, it does also work well with the bright colorful pallets such as magenta or turquoise. It has earned a spot in my regular nail routine, without question.

What color are your nails this week? Try to keep that phrase in the back of your mind – it can change your life!


When I resolved to run a half marathon, I didn’t realize the training process would be so involved. Well, actually I did – but I never thought I’d be able to really buckle down and do it. After three weeks, I’ve logged a total of 26 miles and countless reps with weights.

Let me break down my schedule: each week, 3 days are dedicated to running, 1 day is dedicated to cross training, and Saturdays are for group runs around town. In addition to this schedule, I’ve been forcing myself to do weights, as my PT friends tell me strength is as important as endurance. The weeks are getting more challenging, especially as work gets busier, but I know that I am starting to feel the results. I have more energy, more confidence, and less stress in my life (two birds, one stone!). Looking ahead, I’m going to focus on one foot in front of the other and we’ll see where we end up a few weeks from now!

Eating better has proved to be a struggle — but only because of the time of year it is. We do well on the weekends and through the middle of the week when what I’m able to prepare over the weekends run out. Though, I suppose four days is better than none. One day at a time!

Where do you stand on your resolutions after three weeks? Stay strong!

I love Zoya nail polishes; so much so I have a small collection forming in my closet.  I was stoked when Zoya announced that it would give away two free polishes during January (ended January 9th) so that people could try them out and discover why their polishes are fabulous.  I saw free and Zoya in the same sentence and JUMPED at the opportunity to expand my collection.  It took a little longer than I would’ve liked to receive my polishes, but shipping was free, so I have no room to complain.  The colors I chose are Kylie and Harley.

This week I decided to try out Kylie.  It’s a soft, pastel, pink with just a hint of shimmer. As I see it on my hand, I think about the movie Legally Blonde and feel that it would be a perfect color for Elle Woods to have on her nails.

Coincidentally, my husband picked up flowers at the market for me, and the color blends perfectly with the carnations! It’s been 4 days and the color is still going strong.  Zoya polishes really are long lasting. Now, if only I could find a nail spa around here that carried Zoya so my toes could feel the love too.  Check out their collections online and try a few out today!