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St. Patrick’s Day is by far my favorite Holiday — yes, it SHOULD be a legal Holiday! Everyone has their “traditions”.  Mine generally involve the movie Boondock Saints and green beer.

This year, my St. Patty’s Day also encompassed my first double digit run, ever; A milestone for anyone, especially me.  After running these miles–a very hilly, torturous 10 miles–I worked a half day.  Another accomplishment as it was a sunny 79 degrees outside and I wanted no part of being stuck indoors.  Finally, around the middle of the afternoon, I was able to begin my St. Patty’s Day tradition.

I got the movie in the DVD player, got my beer ready, and dove in! But wouldn’t you know, 30 minutes in, I fell asleep.  Who know running a hellacious 10 miles and working 4 hours would make me want to do nothing by nap?  Thank heavens for the man in my life, because he woke me up and reminded me we were going to a party that evening.  Wouldn’t you know, running and Diesel skinny jeans don’t work! Therefore, my outfit of the day isn’t exactly what I was after, but, I think I put it together well nonetheless.

Outfit details:

Cropped Blazer: Forever 21, style no longer available. Similar style here

Camisole: Target Suddenly Skinny with lace

Skinny Jeans: Charlotte Ruse, Refuge Flirty Everyday Skinny

Boots: These were a hand-me-up from my wonderful sister.  No tags, no frills.

Wallet: Kate Spade New York, style no longer available. Newer style here.