Archives For October 2012

Well, I admit…. it’s been far too long since I had any thing to do with this site of mine.  Call it writer’s block;  Call it a crazy busy job;  Call it sheer laziness.  All of these hold some truth.

I spent the last few weeks or so conjuring up ideas to get myself out of this slump…to which I had limited success until late last week.  Part of my new year’s resolution was to get healthier.  Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon a blog when I was searching for ways to cut out processed foods from my diet.  This blog, 100 days of Real Food, got me to thinking:  could I do a 100 day challenge of anything?  I quickly decided the answer to that was no, but I did begin to think about other types of challenges.  I finally settled on a new goal: 30-day challenges.  I ran the idea past the husband, and while he thinks it is a fairly good idea, he questioned my wanting to post this online.  “Honey, you have a fashion blog.  If you want to write about fitness, food, or any other crazy challenge, shouldn’t you have a different blog?”  I try to see the humor in his comment (to no avail of course).  While I have historically mostly focused on beauty and fashion, doesn’t my mission specifically include love & life as well?  Hmmm.  That said, this gal is expanding her horizons and focusing on the love and life side of the equation for a bit.

The beginning of my 30 day challenge (11.1.12) is this: 30 days of exercise, defined as some form of physical activity performed for at least 30 minutes for a consistent 30 days.  As the holidays are quickly approaching, I figured this would be a good place to start.  Now, I know none of my readers really care about my exercise routine every day, so, I figure the challenges are just a weekly segway to get me back online.  I’ve also signed up for Birchbox (if you aren’t on the list, leave my site NOW and go join) so in between my 30-day challenges I can continue writing about fashionable things to keep current on the fashion side of the equation.  I also have a plan in place for December, but, I’m always open to hearing your suggestions.  What challenges can you line up for me?

“Because everyone is entitled to love, life, and the pursuit of fashion.”