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There is something about the color blocking craze that just makes me smile.   At the first signs of the craze, I was a little hesitant.  Could someone really pull off that many colors, together?  Could someone really make two shades of red work, and it work well?  The more I saw the outfits in Vogue, Glamour, and other magazines, the more I wanted to find the perfect outfit to give it a whirl of my own.

Sheer dumb luck brought my outfit together today.  (And it goes to show that when you try to find the perfect outfit, you’ll never succeed — because I tried for months and came up empty.  Then, I just happened upon the clearance racks in the Limited one day and found the perfect skirt!)

Outfit Details:

Shoes: Nine West, FreeSpirit

Skirt: The Limited, style no longer available

Sweater: Forever 21, style no longer available

I discovered the trick to color blocking with the same color is to add a pop of color elsewhere. The shoes were the perfect pop I was looking for, and they even incorporated another hint of orange.  How do you color block?


I signed up for Birchbox a few months ago, and each month since have been pleasantly surprised by what arrives in my mailbox each month.  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I’m still waiting on my November box, but that’s great since I’m a month behind anyway!

To date, I’ve received two full size bottles of Essie polish, in two beautiful shades.  The first was a lovely grey color, which is the topic for another day.  The second came with my box last month, and is a deep, rich purple: Think royal princesses running around in a cloak the shade of royal purple at midnight.  Sultry immediately comes to my mind. The Essie color, No More Film, was used as the starting point for this week’s look.

In keeping with today’s trend, I decided to mix and match colors.  This week I kept the shades in the same family color-palette and decided to paint my ring fingers in a fun, flirty shade of shimmery purple to compliment the sultry, seductive Essie shade.  For this, I turned to the ever popular staple in my polish drawer, Zoya.  The glitter adds a note of playful to the Carly shade.

What’s in your color box this week?

I’ve said it before, and I’m positive I’ll say it again: Fall is by far my favorite season.  The trees are full of color, the smell of cinnamon is in the air, and, of course, jackets you haven’t seen in 8 months emerge from the closet.  What’s not to love?

You all know by now I work in an office.  Sometimes I see fabulous looks, and I have to wonder: how do people in a non-fashion related offices pull this off?  Today, I think I found the key! Now, leather is very in the season.  I bought a leather skirt about a month ago, and it is very atypical work attire for me.  I thought, and thought, and thought about how I was going to fit this into the work wardrobe (because let’s face it, I don’t buy it if I can’t wear it to work! What’s the point? I LIVE at work.).  My high school reunion was coincidentally also roughly a month ago — and I managed to pull off the leather skirt with tights and a great sweater.  After investing in my first pair of Spanx tights, I decided I was going to give the leather skirt a twirl around the office.  (And let me just say that I got more negative reviews on my floor length maxi skirt than I did this shorter leather skirt!)

Outfit details (from bottom to top):

Booties: Nine West, Haywire

Handbag: Nine West, Jacquard

Tights: Spanx, Tight-End Tights (Best $28 bucks you’ll ever spend!)

Skirt: The Limited: Leather (faux) Mini Skirt

Cami: The Limited, Woven-trend Tank

Sweater: The Limited (Style no longer available)

And though you can’t see it, my hair and make-up team deserve props!   Hair: Thanks Garnier style mousse that I’ve had for approximately 5 years — because I have FAR from curly hair.   Eyes: Top Shop Crayon w/ Revlon Black eyeliner Lips: Lancome, Trendy Mauve.

How do you pull off leather in the office?  Suggestions are much appreciated!