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If you are going to will Spring from Head to Toe (see last post), then you might as well go all out! Plus, here’s an up close and personal of those H&M pants.


Nails: Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M in Papaya.

Such a lovely, fun weekend color!


My facebook wall seems to be overrun with people willing Spring to arrive.  Of course, I know once it does, facebook will be overrun with posts about allergies and so on.  That’s the vicious cycle that is facebook!

Moving to Dublin was both good and bad from a weather perspective.  The bad: it has rained a lot (and according to all of the people I’ve met, way more than usual this year).  The good: temperature fluctuations are rare.  Being from the Southeast US, this is important because I do NOT miss those fluctuations.  I mean, come on, one day it is sunny and 75 but two days later there is an inch of snow on the ground?  No thank you.  I’ll take the cold weather here, because at least I’m used to it now! I’ll also be thankful for this kind of weather come July/August when it becomes unbearably hot in the US.

That said, I can still join my friends in willing Spring — quite possibly just because everyone always needs a little color in their lives and pastels are very much in right now! In this outfit, I’m a poster child for an H&M ad.  Enjoy!

OOTD - 3.23.13

Outfit Details:

Blazer: H&M, in apricot

Sweater: Forever 21 (style no longer available)

Skinny Jeans: H&M, in pastel orange leopard (this was a great clearance section find in store; alternate style via link)

Shoes: H&M, in beige lace

Come on Spring! How are you showing your spring spirit?

I’ve been told Spring time is lovely in Ireland.  Despite it being a nice-looking sunny day in Dublin in this photo, it is most certainly not Spring yet.  I decided I needed to look fun, even though it was a bit chilly!

OOTD - 3.16.13 (web)

Outfit Details: 

Top: Sheer Blouse, Penny’s, Dublin (unfortunately they do not sell clothes online, but check out their website here)

Pants: Black, leather coated skinny jeans, The Limited (alternate style available here in “black tar”)

More OOTD photos/details coming soon (there are so many shops to explore here!) XOXO from Dublin.

I’ve officially been a Dublin resident for a week today.  I’m sure you viewed my Summary by now.  One thing I did not highlight in my summary was grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping played a very big role in my life back in  the U.S., whether it was couponing or my weekly trips to the store (See various December 2012/January 2013 posts in the archives).  Throw that out the window in Dublin!

Here, heading to the store is a daily occurrence, sometimes even a twice daily occurrence! Let’s contemplate why for a minute.  Your gut reaction is probably screaming tiny fridge.  Coincidentally, my ice box is larger than my freezer was back in the U.S.  And yes, the fridge is small, but it is far from tiny! The answer is quite simple: no preservatives.

I was forewarned about this because yes, your bread really does go bad after two-three days. (Mold is a pesky little bugger!) Let’s get specific: I just happened to glance at the ingredients for the jam I put on my toast.  Can you guess how many ingredients it had?  FOUR.  [Strawberries, unsweetened juice, fruit pectin, & lemon juice]  No added sugar; Nothing artificial; Just pure strawberry joy.  Of course, it may go bad in 3 months time instead of a year and a half that some American jams hold their shelf life for — but my jam will likely be gone in 3 weeks because it is divine.  Win-Win? I think so.

And hey, wouldn’t you know that when you have to grocery shop daily and carry what you purchase for several blocks or even kilometers, you tend to focus more on necessities rather than luxuries.  Waste not, want not!  I think I’m going to really enjoy this part of my stent abroad.

And what a week it has been! From staying up over 24 hours to Irish Immigration, I’m fairly certain this week is all just one big blur.

You know I love lists.  They just make things so easy.  So, let’s put this week into a list.  Shall we call it:

The Top 5 Things I’ve Experienced My First Week in Ireland (and some travel tips for future travelers):

1.  Sleep is NOT overrated
I cannot sleep on a plane.  I have never been able to.  A lot of coffee, tea, and five-hour energy got me into our apartment in Dublin then I crashed.  After any excursion, you need to crash.  Sleep for 2-4 hours then make sure you get to bed early on your arrival night to avoid exhaustion and curb your jet lag.  I slept very little in the few weeks before the move, so it likely makes sense that I was sleeping 12+ hours the first few nights.  I didn’t even think that was possible for me any more!

2. Your European appliances will win the first battle (but you will prevail!)
Between the dishwasher, oven, and washing machine/dryer combo, I almost gave up.  Luckily I have an understanding spouse who helped me look-up/read through the user manuals.  The washing machine still beat me, but never fear, there’s another battle in our future and I’m willing to play nice! (I haven’t broken it just yet, so that’s a good start…)

3. You will walk, A LOT
This really should not surprise anyone.  As with any large city I’ve been to (with the exception of Los Angeles) you walk almost everywhere.  New York, Chicago, London, Paris… Just make sure you and your feet are prepared ahead of time.  Supports will become your new best friend.  Besides, it’s easier to drink all of that black stuff knowing you can walk home.

4. You will get rained on
I prepared myself for the weather changes ahead of time.  I knew I would get wet.  I came with a rain coat, boots, and my first purchase (from T K Maxx) was an umbrella.  And wouldn’t you know it’s been a little rainy the past three days.  Here’s the thing about Dublin weather though — it can change in an instant or in a zip code.  I’ve found that closer to the canal and the ocean it tends to be a little more soggy than even just half a mile down the road in the financial district.  Friends who want to come visit: you will want to check the weather before your travels! Or I’ll be taking you to the nearest store to buy your necessities.  (The weather has been consistent and the temperature has been fairly constant.  And for that, I’m thankful.  Tennessee weather was being a bit brutal with its extremes!)

5.  Immigration will frustrate you beyond belief; Don’t worry. Be happy
I went to immigration to legally register with the Garda (Irish police) today.  Wouldn’t you know that I was number 70 in the queue.  After four and a half hours, my number was finally called and I was able to get my card and be on my way.  Note to future immigrants: GO EARLY or GO LATE.  And I would recommend mid-week versus Friday afternoon….Frustrated though I might have been after sitting there for that long, my immigration officer was fantastic and was incredibly friendly.  Thus far, the people of Dublin are living up to their reputations.

My husband starts his employment next week, so, I can only wonder what the coming months will bring.  I’m excited to find out! I also know the overwhelm factor is coming, so, I’m sure there will be a few “regret” moments in the coming days. Thank heavens for the support of our friends and family — I know I’ll get through it and be all the stronger for it.