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Question: If you were in a clothing store and you saw a romper or jump suit, would you try it on? And if you tried it on and liked it, would you buy it? No matter your answer, I hope you’ll read on to see what I have styled for you!

You might be thinking to yourself: I hate my [insert body part] and that would never look good on me. To this, I simply have to disagree. In my opinion you don’t need a certain body type to wear a romper, you just have to find the right romper for your body type.

If you are leggy (and I wish I was!), you might want to choose a jump suit to accentuate this feature. Here, I’ve styled a one-shoulder bright blue jump suit for a complete look. I chose to pair the suit with strappy neutral heels, a bright yellow chunky necklace, and a bright pink fold-over clutch. I don’t think body suits are for me, but I would buy this look in a heartbeat! (Or at least be willing to try it on.)

So, you say you aren’t leggy and prefer something cooler for the brutal summer heat? Or maybe you work in a casual office and are looking for something you can wear to work instead of out with the girls? Well, check out this look then.

Here I’ve styled a romper with a floral print. The print will draw eyes away from areas you may not want noticed, while the V neck and belt add the perfect elements of depth & dimension. Pair the romper with a jacket or blazer and some heels and head on off to work! Of course, this look is easily transformed from office to weekend with a few accessories, so, flip that hat onto your head and be off on your weekend getaway. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t even have to try this look on to know that I’d be buying it!

Just be careful when choosing a shorter romper that you find something that you are both comfortable in and is flattering for you. If you like it, who cares what everyone else thinks!

This last creation, is a collection of body suits, styled for a head-to-toe look from three different price points. My aim here was to show you how you can create gorgeous looks, no matter your budget. Enjoy!

Let me ask the question again now: If you were in a clothing store and you saw a romper or jump suit, would you try it on? And if you tried it on and liked it, would you buy it? If your original answer was no, have you changed your mind?

If you liked any of the styles or collections, click on each picture’s link which will take you to my Polyvore page.  Here you can view each of items and you’ll find price information as well as information about how add pieces to your personal collection.  XOXO – Katie


It’s Monday! I’m not usually one for Mondays, but I’ve been looking forward to today so I could throw this post up on the site.

You’ve seen my Nail posts so you know I’ve generally done my own nails, though I’ve never done much in the way of fancy. I’ve discovered fancy is much easier when you can paint the nails before you stick them on–and I absolutely refuse to have fake nails. Something about them freaks me out! Not to mention how tacky some people can make them look. No, I definitely prefer Au Naturale.

My biggest problem with a traditional manicure is that the polish chips so quickly! I can put a coat of color on over the weekend and by Monday I need to re-do it. Top coats can only do so much for you when you do so much with your hands on a daily basis. Am I right, or am I right?

Last week, I redeemed a Living Social deal here in Dublin for a gel-polish manicure. I’ve NEVER had a gel-polish manicure before. As my technician was shaping my nails, I started in on the questions: Will this really last for two weeks? How quickly does it dry? Will I chip it when I head across the street to the grocery store? She was a fabulous technician and walked me through everything.

“It really can last up to three weeks, depending on how hand-intensive you are and it will dry instantly under these heat lamps.  You will walk out of here and likely be cautious with what you touch because you are used to normal polishes, but I promise you it will be dry before you are ready to leave that chair.” I’m so happy to say she was absolutely 100% correct. It dried in approximately 2 minutes under those heat lamps and I walked out of there with turquoise sparkly nails that will hopefully last me another 12 days!

Gel Mani

Now I know I can’t afford one of these babies every 2 or 3 weeks, but when I do need to get my nails done professionally (for weddings or parties) I definitely think I’ll be sticking with the gel-polish.  So far, I’m loving it!

Have you ever had a gel-polish manicure? What do you love about it?

XOXO – Katie

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” – General Lewis B. Puller, U.S. Marine Corps

Until recently I hadn’t run a whole mile since the fitness tests in high school. Sure, I’ve done 5Ks, 10Ks, and even a half marathon, but I did them as an interval runner where I would run for three minutes and walk for one minute. Two weeks ago I stumbled upon a running group here in Dublin, and I’m pretty sure this group has changed my life. On my first run out with them I ran not only one, but two and a half whole miles, continuously. I seriously doubted my abilities at certain points, but my group mates kept me talking and forced me to push that little negative troll out of my head and keep going. I tell ya, when we wrapped up that run I was empowered; empowered like never before. I felt great! Two days after that glorious day I had a four mile long training run for my half marathon training. There is nothing quite like mental motivation! I didn’t quite make the miles running the whole time, but I certainly wasn’t doing my normal intervals.

Just last week, I met my new group three times during the week and got up to about three and a half miles non-stop. The Saturday five-mile training run was a challenge, but in the end, my mental motivation kept me going and I ran the whole time. It was a big accomplishment for me to do 5 miles under and hour, let alone at my 10:25 average pace.  I’ve just about decided that running is 90% mental and 10% heart, but all ME.  If you can cross that mental boundary, prove to yourself you really CAN do it, then you can do anything.

DancingI really have been on a complete runner’s high. I thought I was invincible, unstoppable. Yesterday, however, I hit a wall on my run–but the wall wasn’t the troll creeping in. The wall was dehydration. I’ve never felt muscle cramps like that before, and it was only a three-mile run! I should have listened to my body and stopped short of my goal (to make it up later in the week) but I didn’t. Instead, I ran as much as I could and walked more than I wanted. I’m not usually a “thinker” while I run and I assure you I will never have deep epiphanies while I’m pounding pavement.  I’m usually just a “turn the music on and sing to yourself” kind of runner. During yesterday’s run though, I began questioning my love for coffee; whether it was the coffee that had dehydrated me?  I drink coffee every morning  and have never had a problem to date? By the time I arrived home, I was questioning whether or not I would have to give up one love for another (coffee for running). Can the two really be friends?!

Once back home, I had 4 bottles of water to re-hydrate, a glass of coconut water to help with the cramps (thanks to its high potassium content), and did a little light yoga to help with the soreness. I walked out the rest of the pain this morning and am all around feeling better about fighting through that battle. No pain, no gain.

A day later, I know the answer is yes: Coffee and running can live together harmoniously. After much reflection, I am convinced my dehydration was a product of not enough water the day before coupled with the morning coffee.  I also realize I have many trolls that live in my head while I run, and I’ve only met/defeated two of them. (Or maybe they’ve just moved in a little further down the road, as I seriously doubt I’ve seen the last of either of them!)

Any way you slice it, I learned a valuable lesson; one that won’t soon be forgotten, but one that makes me both a stronger and more empowered runner. Here’s to the rest road ahead and whatever challenges it has in store for me! How far have you come?

Running Quote


Mani Monday

July 23, 2013 — 3 Comments

Yes, I realize today is Tuesday; but it feels like Monday all over again.  I can’t explain it, it just does.  In the words of the Bangles, “it’s just another manic Monday.”

I did get down to business yesterday and put a new coat of polish on my tips. A little bright blue to help improve my mood and spirits. I used my Chevron skirt as a backdrop.  So here you have it, “Mani Monday”.

Mani Monday

I believe I need to polish my ring a bit now, since it keeps appearing in my photos! How did you paint your tips for Mani Monday?



“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

Vogue Paris - 1948

What is it about the French?  They just really seem to understand clothing with their sense of style, by opting for classic, polished looks.  If I had to choose a fashion Mecca, Paris outranks Milano, but only ever so slightly! Where am I going with this?

I was recently asked about a capsule wardrobe: how to put one together?  This certainly is not a new concept, but it is foreign to me, so I set out to do my research. I’ve compiled a FAQ list to help answer most of the questions I’ve been asked or have asked myself during this process.

Q1: What is a capsule wardrobe?
A1: Simply put, it is a collection of a few essential clothing items (“base”), generally in coordinating colors, which will not go out of fashion.  The idea is to minimize your wardrobe but still allow you to create a look for any occasion, from business to casual.

Q2: What are the essential pieces? And how many should I have?
A2: This answer varies by person.  However, your objective is to be able to create an outfit for every occasion, on the fly.  Therefore, you want to make sure you have work appropriate looks as well as looks for an evening out on the town. Generally speaking, because you are reducing your wardrobe, you will own higher quality, more expensive garments that will hold up over time even with continuous wear. In my research, I’ve seen capsules with as few as 10 pieces.  I personally couldn’t do so few pieces, so, pick a number that suits you and modify it as you need to!

Q3: What colors should I choose for my base?
A3: Generally you want to choose neutral colors for your base—black, white, grey, and nude.  Think about it, what can’t you mix and match in these colors? Adding color to a neutral base is EASY! (See next Q)

Q4: I like to be “so now”. How would I accomplish this with a capsule wardrobe?
A4: Every season the “in” color changes as well as the “in” shape of the garments.  The point of a capsule wardrobe is to pick a base of timeless, classic pieces that never go out of style to pair with these ever changing seasonal items.  You can add pops of color via your accessories or tops.

Q5: How do I keep from looking like I’m wearing the same outfits every day?
A5: I have yet to figure this one out.  Of course, if you are paying more money for your higher quality garments, who cares? If you are really worried about it, maybe a solution could be to have a capsule wardrobe for each “season”? Let’s face it, this might be better for some of us anyway depending on what part of the world you live in! Southern US summers are as brutal as Northern US winters but here in Ireland the weather is pretty consistent…

I’m sure there are a million more questions I could ask myself.  But let’s just put together a capsule wardrobe, shall we? (Click on the photo for a link to Polyvore to see the pieces in a larger format and/or to purchase)

Capsule WardrobeIf you are a business person, I would expect your capsule to have more of a business purpose (like mine).  If you don’t work in a professional setting, maybe you only have one business look and a more casual base?  My point is this: a capsule can be fun, but it is also a work of art, and the art is all YOURS.  Have fun with it!

Still have questions? Shoot me an email:; or Facebook me: