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As I was roaming around Dublin yesterday getting inspiration for a big reveal post to start September, I began noticing quilted skirts in all of the stores. I will definitely not lie–I NEED ONE OF THESE NOW! Obviously this skirt going to be HUGE this fall/autumn. So, I took to Polyvore, found the skirt I’ve been lusting for the last 24 hours, and put together a complete look for you.

What’s so great about the quilted skirt? Well, besides the fact that I adore it, it is quite possibly one of the most versatile skirts I’ve come across. With just a few outfit tweaks, the look works for both the professional and casual woman. Here’s how I would style both:

Casual Look: Long sleeved white t-shirt, quilted skirt, knee-high boots, mustache necklace, satchel, and, if you are daring enough, the vest.

Professional Look: Long sleeved white t-shirt, quilted skirt, black pumps, and satchel. (though, I would still wear the necklace to work, just for laugh purposes because my co-workers had a sense of humor

The Quilted Skirt

What do you think: Would you rock a quilted skirt?



It is definitely time to grab all the blazers from the backs of our closets as Autumn is moving in with lightning speed! It was certainly a bit brisk this morning when I trotted out of the house. Luckily, I had prepared a layered look for what the Irish air would throw at me today: a mix of sun, clouds, wind, and a few rain drops.

OOTD - 8.28.13

Outfit Details

Blazer: Forever 21

T-shirt: Pennys

Skinny Jeans: Red Herring

Flats: Marks & Spencer

Are YOU ready for Autumn? Get those tights back out and find your trenches: Time to switch out the wardrobes and de-summerize your clothing!



Being fairly new to the blog scene, and even newer to Ireland, I was really excited when the lovely Lorna of StyleIsle asked me to join her at a kick-off event for the Dublin Fashion Festival.

DFF-Lorna(She is SO MUCH BETTER at photos than I am…note to self: work on it!)

This festival, which runs from September 5th-8th all around Dublin, is THE fashion week of Dublin. (I’d like to say Ireland, but, I might be lying as I truly have no idea if other cities/counties put on a similar festival. From what I’ve heard of Co. Cork, my guess is they likely have a festival as well!)

DFF-LogoThe festival will have on-street fashion shows, a pampering bus (yes, you read that right!), as well as styling events. For a complete list of events, including dates/times of each event, check out the DFF events page here.  I’m excited there will be a downloadable guide up soon. This way I won’t be using quite so much data as I’m running around the city to the events next week!

The kick-off event was a positively brilliant night. I made some wonderful new blogger friends:


Had fabulous cocktails:

DFF-LBD CocktailAnd even won a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini phone for the most ridiculous tweet of the evening! 


Tweet: “This @DublinFashion quiz is making me question whether I’m REALLY in fashion. Bollacks! #DFF” 
Apparently the PR team thought it was ridiculous for how I spelled “bollacks”, though I got mixed responses on how to ACTUALLY spell it! 

Oh, and did I mention there was karaoke at the afterparty? Yeah, those of us who stayed behind…we rocked a few songs together! 


Needless to say, if you are in or around Dublin the 5th-8th of September, be sure to take a look at the DFF page and check out some of the exciting events around the city. You would be crazy not to! 


I’ve been a fan of the smoky eye look for quite some time. I’ve toyed with the concept from time to time, but never really achieved the “right” look. Then, thanks to Sephora & Pinterest, I found a great and simple tutorial. (I wish I could link to the pin, but, if you are interested, it is under my “Eyes, Lips, & Face board on Pinterest)

As promised, today I will feature the beauty products and steps I used in constructing yesterday’s From Head to Toe beauty look.

Step 1: Pick your face palette.

For me, I chose the usual suspects for a smoky eye: black and shades of grey. (And now you know I have a MAC obsession, in case you didn’t already–95% of my shadows & lipsticks are MAC!)

Make-Up - 8.22.13Products:
LinerEstee Lauder Double Wear pencil in Onyx
MAC in Unbasic White (right), Silver Ring (top), & Smoke & Diamonds (left)
LipsMAC in Plumful

Step 2: Apply a light layer of base shadow all over eye lids (Brush #22)

Spehora #22Step 3: Line your lashes with liner & blend with a smudger or blending brush (Brush #11)

Sephora #11Step 4: Press darker shadow (Silver Ring) onto liner and lid and blend toward crease (Brush #22 & a blending brush of choice); I also used the smudger to apply a light layer of shadow to my lower lid line.

Step 5: Apply a light layer of the lighter shadow (Smoke & Diamonds) in the crease and blend well (Eye Defining brush + blending brush of choice)

Sephora Eye DefiningStep 6: Apply a layer of lipstick, coat with a gloss and VOILA!

Beauty - 8.22.13

Now you are ready to hit the town — whether it’s lunch or a night out. (Though if it were a night out, I likely would’ve lined the lower lash line with eye liner instead of shadow). And I’ll admit this is a rather ridic picture, but, I am terrible at close-up selfies!

How did I do? Any tips or advice for future smoky eye looks?

I started a post this morning, and then I got mad at myself. Did I REALLY want to post an outfit of the day that was two weeks old? I know I was on holiday, but that just seemed lazy!

Luckily, I was meeting a friend for lunch, so I seized the opportunity to actually put on something other than running gear and put on a little make-up too. Today, I give you the outfit and tomorrow I will give you the beauty products behind it!

Please don’t judge my wrinkles; I do realize I need an iron, but I was testing a theory with the humidity today. It’s safe to say that the experiment failed! My hair could use a little help too, but, it was REALLY windy in the Grand Canal, so, why bother? At least it’s not in a ponytail for once! (And my waist band is slightly crooked, but hey, we can’t be perfect all the time, right?)

OOTD - 8.22.13

I simply adore this green dress (and hey, the sunnies are green too–+100). I found this dress in a little shop in Wexford a month ago. The green paired with the cream accents in the banded waist and pocket coupled with the black detail make it a perfect dress for any season. It was warm enough today to show off my tan! (i.e. no tights) To take this dress into autumn, I’d pair it with black tights and a blazer. For winter, just layer in a winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.

Outfit Details:
Sunnies: Ale Hop
Dress: Kling
Flats: A/Wear
Bag: Aldo

And stay tuned for tomorrow’s insider look at the beauty products I used to complete today’s look!