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Blog Hiatus

December 17, 2013 — 4 Comments

I’ve been debating the past two days as to whether or not I would be doing blog updates/posts during my month-long stay in the U.S. After much debate, and a rather busy few days already, I’ve decided to just enjoy my time here. So, my loyal, lovely followers, I will see you all in 2014!

I’m still tweeting up a storm, so if you want updates/photos/etc. find me there!

Out of Office

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays and a lovely new year! XOXO – K



I know you’ve seen the Wizard of Oz–who hasn’t? But Wicked…Wicked is something truly special. If you’ve seen it, you understand — and like me, your perception of everything Wizard of Oz has (probably) been eternally changed. The songs, the costumes, the characters. “ONE SHORT DAY, IN THE EMERALD CITY.” 

The Playbill

The Playbill

Wicked is the amazing back story, if you will, to all of the characters in the Wizard of Oz — from Glinda the Good to the Tin Man, all entwined and presented in a neat little package. I can’t explain it — I just love it. And I’ll see it at least ten more times. And YES! I still cry every time — EVERY SINGLE TIME. And not because it is sad — oh no — but because it touches me emotionally. [There’s my sappy admittance for the day!]

Moving on.

You’ve now experienced the wonderful [Wicked] Beauty Bag I put together, but I know you’re ready to see the shoes, the dress, and the whole kit and kaboodle, because I spent loads of money on the look, and it deserves ALL the credit.

What shoes could possibly have had me roaming all over Dublin on a wild goose chase? These little beauties:


Just look at that Emerald Green ankle strap! And yes, this was one of my first times back in high heels since moving to Dublin and my feet/calves still haven’t forgiven me a week later. Who cares — totally worth it! River Island, you are my SHOE HERO.

Wouldn’t you know I had the perfect pair of tights to channel my inner Wicked Witch?


And of course, pink toes to pull in Glinda the Good Witch as well. The tights are a sheer black tight with a window pane pattern. [Better visual below]

Doesn’t this whole look just scream, WICKED?


The Emerald Green skater dress is from the Chelsea Girl collection at River Island, and I absolutely adore the shimmer it carries! When I saw the dress on the hanger, I was unsure about the cut and how it would fall on me, but when I walked out of the changing room and the three sales associates gushed over the dress on me, I knew I had a winner!

And, in keeping with my pink and green theme, I threw on my Kate Spade bangle & flower ring to create the PERFECT outfit for my night out. (Yep, nails are pink too)

It was a simply spectacular evening. Pre-Theatre dinner & drinks at the new Marker hotel, followed by a little fizz ahead of the show in the theatre and then the show itself! (And maybe more fizz at the interval…)


Wouldn’t you know that we walked across the way to Ely after the show? We had a fantastic time sharing three bar stools between the four of us. I think the barmen enjoyed our company as well — even got my first taste of mulled wine. YUM.

Wicked Girls

They’ll kill me when they figure out I posted this photo–but I’ll chance it because I absolutely adore it!

Then we hopped a cab and ended up at Lost Society before somehow ending up as VIP’s at our final destination (though if I’m being honest I haven’t a clue what club it was).

Lost Fridays

So, here’s to my girls! THIS is what friends are for.

It’s a two-part post! Now you know it’ll be good. And of course, it’s all about my Friday night out with the girls to see Wicked. Despite it being my fifth time seeing it, (clearly I cannot get enough of it!) this time might have been my favorite–Because we all dolled up and made a grand evening out of it. [And Alison’s reaction to the end of the musical was PRICELESS!]

And what’s the first piece of the puzzle on a grand evening out with the girls? It’s all about the behind-the-scenes beauty routine. So, if you were going to guess, what on earth could possibly be in my beauty bag for a night with Elphie & Glinda?

Glinda: As she sticks a pink flower into Elphaba’s hair, “Hey, wouldn’t you know, pink goes with green!”

First order of business in my beauty bag, the face base:

The base: the all over face component

In order of application:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation [applied with the brush, not a sponge!]
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder
Catrice blush

[Side note: I actually applied the blush after the eyes were done, but, I didn’t want to photograph it alone!]

Remember the quote about green? Well, I just so happened to think green really pops against my brown eyes, so, green eye shadow and liner were definitely in order!

The eye palette

In order of application:
Madison Street Beauty shadow in Cotton, applied to entire lid
Madison Street Beauty shadow in Tropic, pressed onto upper lid
Madison Street Beauty shadow in Coral Shimmer, blended into crease [not pictured, sadly]
Top Shop Crayon in Moon Shine, swiped across lower lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in Covet, applied to upper & lower lash lines
[*blended Moon Shine & Covet on lower lash line with a smudge brush]
Cover Girl Natural Luxe in Black mascara, applied to upper and lower lashes
MAC Cosmetics shadow in Unbasic White , pressed & blended into the inner corners of each eye



I do love the blending of the white crayon & the green liner on the lower lid!

And of course, let’s not forget the pink! If there are green eyes, that must mean pink lips. 🙂


In order of application:
MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Lickable
Lancome lipstick in It Girl
Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop [YES, it smells amazing!]

So, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Does pink go with green ?! It was certainly a massive beauty bag today, but 100% worth it!


Tomorrow will bring you the stellar outfit I put together to tie the whole look, and night together. And since I’ve built up the hype all week, I know you won’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned. XOXO – K

After nine months in Dublin, I’m used to and fully accept that hot water doesn’t just come out of the tap.

In the summer months, when the boiler is off, I have to flip the switch on and wait, and wait, and wait, for the water to heat up — which at the hour mark I get about 8-10 minutes, at best, of hot water in the shower; and I’ve become an expert at ridiculously quick showers!

Now that the winter months are here, and the boiler is back on, showering is less of an issue because when the boiler is on, you have plenty of hot water. And with winter, and loads of hot water, comes the return of the bath. I LOVE filling up the tub, lighting the candles, turning on some soothing tunes and just soaking — until my fingers are all wrinkly and I’m in a happy place. Unfortunately, hot baths lead to dry skin! Which is a big problem when you have unusually dry skin in the winter anyway!

So I was happy to stumble upon a new product at T.K. Maxx a few weeks ago. I was perusing the aisles, as usual, when I stumbled upon an all over body lotion that smelled divine. Then, I also found, from the same brand, a bath milk — and I thought to myself, perfect timing! So, I present to you, my two FAVOURITE new bath & body products from the Scottish Fine Soaps company:

From the Au Lait collection, Bathing Milk and from the Boheme collection, Body Creme.

Scottish Fine Soaps: Au Lait Bath Milk & Boheme Body Lotion

Scottish Fine Soaps:
Au Lait Bath Milk &
Boheme Body Lotion

The Au Lait Bathing Milk has a very light fragrance, but smells luxurious! It contains organic milk protein and natural silk, both of which aid in the hydration of skin, to restore your natural glow — even in the cold winter months! I just poured a few tablespoons into the bath as it fills up and the water turns a milky white and frothy as the mixture interacts with the water. It sounds oddly strange, but it’s almost like you are soaking in a latte, sans espresso; and as a gal who LOVES her coffee, I’m OK with this comparison! 🙂

Once out of the bath, I lather on the Boheme Body Creme. It has a fantastic fragrance that lasts through the day, soaks in easily, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and nourished but is non-greasy. The first ingredient is water, not oil or alcohol, which is what I always look for in a body lotion. Additionally, the creme contains cocoa butter, which is what mixes with the perfumes to create the signature scent — it’s definitely beach inspired though I can’t pinpoint or describe it accurately.

I’m really glad I purchased these products and will definitely be buying them again as I’m going through them rather quickly already! In the UK and Republic of Ireland, you can purchase the products online from the Scottish Fine Soaps company, or you might get lucky enough to stumble upon the products at a stockist near you. It’s worth a try if you encounter it, promise!


Last Thursday I took a trip to a new part of Dublin — a new zip code that is quite far away from my own! I’d heard great things about the Liffey Valley shopping centre, but because I live in City Centre, it’s usually just easier for me to wander around Grafton Street, Henry Street, or hit up Dundrum. But wouldn’t you know that the pair of shoes I wanted to complete my Friday Night ensemble was only available in ONE Dublin location — and I’m honestly thankful it was available anywhere!

I decided since I was going to walk a mile to catch the bus, then sit on the bus for an hour each way, then do some shopping I better not leave the house looking like an unfortunate slob! I decided to keep my beauty routine pretty simple, so I started with my new Madison Street Beauty mineral shadows in Cotton & French Lavender.


Years ago, in New York, I had a MAC make-up artist create a simple combo on my eyes involving white & purple that really helped detract from my lack-of-sleep under eye circles and made my eyes look a little more awake. This has been a go-to combo for me ever since then!

I started with the Cotton as an all-over mineral base then blended the French Lavender into the crease as well as along the lower lid line. Then I put a dollop of white into the inner corners of both eyes and gently blended, swept on a little mascara, threw on my red lipstick and voila! Beauty routine complete, and all in under 10 minutes!



It was pretty cold here last Thursday, and kept raining off and on, so I paired one of my favorite black and white jumpers from Express with my dark Red Herring skinny jeans and my favorite pair of Boutique 9 riding boots from Nordstrom. I added a chunky necklace I found at my favorite thrift shop here in Dublin and I was ready to go find my new shoes!


The complete head to toe look — I know they say horizontal stripes are widening, but, I really do adore this jumper of mine.



I love this necklace! The fabric flower pairs perfectly with the beads. (And since it was a thrift find, it was only 1 Euro!)



These beauties are great for Dublin — weatherproof AND comfortable enough for walking


It was quite a long excursion for just a pair of shoes, but, once you see the shoes in a post later this week I’ll think you’ll understand why it had to be done. I may have also perused the shopping centre for a bit after finding said shoes — I mean, I did sit on a bus for an hour to get there after all.

My bedroom door makes quite a poor backdrop, but I did figure out the self-timer function on my SLR camera so the pictures are at least better this week! Stay tuned for another outfit post later this week.