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It’s the time of year where you’re wandering aimlessly through shops because you don’t have the first clue what to buy your friend/sister/mom. Given that my office building is attached to a mall, I spend a good deal of time in said mall every day — I’m walking off my lunch calories, selfishly window shopping, or feeding the caffeine addiction.

First world problems; the struggle is real! Needless to say, I’ve had to start leaving my wallet in my desk drawer at lunch, so my aimless wandering doesn’t turn into paychecks being spent before they even hit my account.

Today, as I was walking off my lunch, I ducked into Sephora. After I got past my want of everything in sight, I decided I could toss these items (along with a lot of other little items on my wish list) into a gift giving guide to help you pick out a gift for all of your indecisive female friends! There’s everything you need from fashion finds to fitness friendly items. Surely you can find something for that someone on your list this year!

And so, the Love.Life.Fashion. Holiday Gift Giving Guide is born:

Stocking Stuffers & Gifts Under $25

Etched Flower Studs – $4

Cutout Bib Necklace – $8

Erin Condren Note Pads – $15
Note Pads

Coffee Until Wine ceramic travel mug – $18
Coffee Until Wine

Red Leather Gloves – $20 (on sale TODAY, otherwise $70)
Leather Gloves

Gifts Under $50

Philosophy Twinkling Snowflake Trio – $27
Snowflake Bath Set

Infinity Scarf – $28
Infinity Scarf

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer – $36
Photo Finish

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Barrier Repair – $43

Barrier Repair

This stuff has completely saved my skin! It is a daily must.

Erin Condren 2016 Planner – $50

Gifts Under $75

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition) – $58
Gwen Stefani Palette

Kate Spade Mix It Up Ring – $58
Kate Spade Ring

Leopard  Print Make-up Brush Set – $62
Precious Elements Brush Set

YSL Black Opium Fragrance (1 oz) – $67
Black Opium

Gifts Under $100

Kate Spade Confetti Dot Passport Holder – $78
Passport Holder

Angela Roi V Chain Cross Body (Color for Cause) – $82
View More:

FitBit Flex – $99

Clarisonic Mia – $99

What’s on your wishlist this year? Happy shopping friends!


About a week ago, my hair left a lot to be desired. From the windy streets of Dublin to the salty sea waters in Spain, my hair needed SERIOUS help. It was dull; it was frizzy; and most sadly of all, I had split ends.

I promptly made a hair appointment to snip off those dead ends, but my gal was away on holiday for another week, so in the mean time, I had to do something to revive my locks!

I was scrolling through pinterest, when I came across a pin from the Rawmazing blog. I found, what I thought was an awesome, easy, solution for my hair: a Rosemary, Avocado, & Coconut Oil recipe.

Coconut Oil & Avocado

If you are like me, you are always stocked with avocados (great in smoothies) and coconut oil (try it in your coffee). Yes, you really can put avocado in your hair!

Just do a little blending of the ingredients and you end up with what looks like green baby food.

Coconut Oil & Avocado Combined

You’re probably thinking that it has to be the messiest thing anyone could put in their hair right? NOPE. I’ve had more trouble with a baking soda paste (clarifying attempt) and box hair dye than this stuff. It’s thick enough to paint right on — and even though I was wearing an old t-shirt, I managed to keep it off the bathroom floor (and walls!).

If you’ve ever stored homemade guacamole overnight in the fridge, you know it easily turns brown — you know, oxidation and all. It’s really no different in hair. I put the mask on and before I could even snap a photo it was melting into my hair & oxidizing.

Coconut Oil & Avocado Hair Mask

Now, I didn’t have any of the smell-good stuff on hand so after about 15 minutes I could only smell avocado — and admittedly I wanted some tortilla chips! Don’t worry though, I powered through the full half an hour project and hopped into the shower to get the mask out of my hair.

I shampooed and conditioned as normal. I toweled my hair to remove the excess water, combed my locks, and went to sleep. I woke up to a hot mess the next morning! My hair still looked wet, so I attempted to use the hair dryer. NO LUCK. It wasn’t wet, it was greasy! I quickly realized that coconut oil is a disaster to get out of my hair — and I had zero time to re-shower that morning as I was already running late! I threw my hair into the infamous blogger bun and went to work.

Once I was able to fully remove all of the coconut oil from my hair that evening, it was soft & silky and the mask had actually given a little life back to my otherwise dull hair.

I’m not sure I would use the mask again, but if I do, I’ll be sure to shampoo twice! (And use water that is warmer maybe?) All in all it wasn’t a complete pinterest fail and I did find another use for the coconut oil in the pantry!

Have you used coconut oil in your hair? Have you had a similar experience? I’d love to chat.



Oh Chanel!

August 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

I was scrolling through photos recently and found all of the photos from my birthday bash. Have you ever visited Chanel? You know Chanel, that ever iconic name we all know and love (and I don’t care who you are, you covet Chanel as much as the rest of us, even if you won’t verbally admit it!) Today, I’m not referring to the magnificence that is clothing, oh no. I’m actually here to discuss the beauty counter.

For my birthday, I was smart enough to book an appointment to have my make-up done — because as much as I like doing my own, sometimes you just need a pro on your side, especially when it’s a BIG night.

I met up with a few gal pals for a pre-beauty application drink, you know, to calm the “I’m thirty” nerves a bit.



Then I headed off to Brown Thomas on Grafton street to have the lovely and talented ladies prep my face for the evening out. And I was pampered like you wouldn’t believe!

The whole session took about an hour. (Unfortunately, photos of the products were not allowed, but don’t worry, I have a feature coming soon.) The application involved moisturizer, primer, foundation, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blush, a subtle smoky-eye, and my favorite part, the lipstick. VOILA!

Up close & personal with Chanel beauty: a bold lip to match the subtle smoky eye

Up close & personal with Chanel beauty: a bold lip to match the subtle smoky eye


Now, I’ve never done a perfect smoky-eye before, so it took me quite a minute to get used to the look….but every time I see the photo now I absolutely want to recreate the look! It really makes my eyes pop, which is something I’ve never been able to successfully do.

And of course, like Elle Woods, one of my signature colours is pink. So I opted for a bold, shiny, pink lip. (It was actually coincidence that my top matched my lip!)

Rogue Coco #80 - Suspense

Rouge Coco #80 – Suspense


Chanel - Suspense

The lipstick is undeniably amazing and lasts for hours and hours, even through who-knows-how-many cocktails! It glides on easily and is highly pigmented so a little goes a very long way. And if you want an extra bit of shine, opt for a Chanel tinted gloss on top. You won’t regret it!

Masquerade 30th

Have you ever tried smiling with a massive mask tied to your head? It is certainly no small task! And of course, a look at my birthday outfit.

Until next time. XOXO – K

Sephora Fragrance Sampler

Say hello again to the Sephora Favorites Fragrance Sampler set. It’s taken a while to get to this point, but I’ve finally tried out and tested all fourteen samples! I’ve given you plenty to think about over the last few months when it comes to fragrances, but we’ve finally reached the point where it’s time for me to make a decision on my own. (I’m betting you are thinking this day would never actually come, huh?)

Before I reveal the winner, let’s take a quick tick-tock to refresh your memory on what each of the samples I tested were:

Do you remember which ones were my favorite? Here’s what landed in my top five (in no particular order):

  1. Gucci – Guilty
  2. Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue
  3. Givenchy – Very Irresistible
  4. Versace – Bright Crystal
  5. Juicy Couture – Couture La La

[Click on each of the links for a refresher on why I loved each of these so much]

And now, without further ado, cue the drum roll!


Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana – Light Blue

I couldn’t resist the amazingly delicious scent of the Light Blue! The light fragrance, really hit all of my senses and I’m fairly certain I knew this one was the winner when I tried it out the first time. It was a really close call for the rest of the top five though!

I’m very happy with the decision and cannot wait for the fragrance to arrive over from the US with my friend next week! I might even have a few more fragrances to write about later, thanks to free Sephora samples with my online purchases. Here’s to my new scent!


A few weeks back, I was doing my grocery shop with my friend, when she pointed out the new Garnier products on the shelf. Not that I needed to buy ANOTHER shampoo and conditioner, lord knows I already have about 15 in the shower as is, but I just couldn’t resist! My dry, brittle hair was leaving much to be desired with me, and the other 15 products in my bathroom didn’t seem to be solving my problems!

And so, I picked up the Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Repair shampoo and conditioner to give it a go.

Garnier Ultimate Blends - Nourishing Repairer

This blend is specifically made for very dry and/or damaged hair. I definitely fit the mold there with the extra hard water in this country — I’ve never had split ends before I moved here, but now I can’t seem to get rid of them! And my hair always feels dry and brittle — hair shouldn’t go “crunch” when you twirl it around your finger!

This blend contains avocado oil and shea butter to help reinforce your hair’s natural protective barrier and nourishes from root to tip. It smells divine, like the beach and actually makes me long for the ocean and putting my toes into the sand. (Maybe because I always use an after-sun lotion at the beach that also contains shea butter and the smells are about the same!)

Garnier Ultimate Blends - CloseUp

The shampoo is quite thick, but considering what the product is intended to do, I’m not surprised at all and when my hair is lathered up, I can almost feel the shampoo working it’s hydrating magic. Give your hair a quick rinse and then slather in the conditioner. My hair lady here in Ireland actually recommended I do a bi-weekly treatment where I use conditioner, but instead of rinsing my hair, I leave the conditioner in overnight then shampoo/condition as normal the next morning. I’ve been using the same Garnier products for this treatment as well and a month later I’m finally noticing a difference. My hair is much healthier, has a bounce and a shine it’s not had in quite some time, and has a bit of life back in the ends.

If your hair is in need of repair, this new line is a MUST. I cannot wait for my hair to be fully restored to its glory so I can try out some of the other blends as well. Be sure to pick up a bottle and give it a go next time you are out shopping!

Until next time, XOXO – K