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Oh Chanel!

August 13, 2014 — 1 Comment

I was scrolling through photos recently and found all of the photos from my birthday bash. Have you ever visited Chanel? You know Chanel, that ever iconic name we all know and love (and I don’t care who you are, you covet Chanel as much as the rest of us, even if you won’t verbally admit it!) Today, I’m not referring to the magnificence that is clothing, oh no. I’m actually here to discuss the beauty counter.

For my birthday, I was smart enough to book an appointment to have my make-up done — because as much as I like doing my own, sometimes you just need a pro on your side, especially when it’s a BIG night.

I met up with a few gal pals for a pre-beauty application drink, you know, to calm the “I’m thirty” nerves a bit.



Then I headed off to Brown Thomas on Grafton street to have the lovely and talented ladies prep my face for the evening out. And I was pampered like you wouldn’t believe!

The whole session took about an hour. (Unfortunately, photos of the products were not allowed, but don’t worry, I have a feature coming soon.) The application involved moisturizer, primer, foundation, highlighter, powder, bronzer, blush, a subtle smoky-eye, and my favorite part, the lipstick. VOILA!

Up close & personal with Chanel beauty: a bold lip to match the subtle smoky eye

Up close & personal with Chanel beauty: a bold lip to match the subtle smoky eye


Now, I’ve never done a perfect smoky-eye before, so it took me quite a minute to get used to the look….but every time I see the photo now I absolutely want to recreate the look! It really makes my eyes pop, which is something I’ve never been able to successfully do.

And of course, like Elle Woods, one of my signature colours is pink. So I opted for a bold, shiny, pink lip. (It was actually coincidence that my top matched my lip!)

Rogue Coco #80 - Suspense

Rouge Coco #80 – Suspense


Chanel - Suspense

The lipstick is undeniably amazing and lasts for hours and hours, even through who-knows-how-many cocktails! It glides on easily and is highly pigmented so a little goes a very long way. And if you want an extra bit of shine, opt for a Chanel tinted gloss on top. You won’t regret it!

Masquerade 30th

Have you ever tried smiling with a massive mask tied to your head? It is certainly no small task! And of course, a look at my birthday outfit.

Until next time. XOXO – K


It’s a two-part post! Now you know it’ll be good. And of course, it’s all about my Friday night out with the girls to see Wicked. Despite it being my fifth time seeing it, (clearly I cannot get enough of it!) this time might have been my favorite–Because we all dolled up and made a grand evening out of it. [And Alison’s reaction to the end of the musical was PRICELESS!]

And what’s the first piece of the puzzle on a grand evening out with the girls? It’s all about the behind-the-scenes beauty routine. So, if you were going to guess, what on earth could possibly be in my beauty bag for a night with Elphie & Glinda?

Glinda: As she sticks a pink flower into Elphaba’s hair, “Hey, wouldn’t you know, pink goes with green!”

First order of business in my beauty bag, the face base:

The base: the all over face component

In order of application:
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation [applied with the brush, not a sponge!]
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder
Catrice blush

[Side note: I actually applied the blush after the eyes were done, but, I didn’t want to photograph it alone!]

Remember the quote about green? Well, I just so happened to think green really pops against my brown eyes, so, green eye shadow and liner were definitely in order!

The eye palette

In order of application:
Madison Street Beauty shadow in Cotton, applied to entire lid
Madison Street Beauty shadow in Tropic, pressed onto upper lid
Madison Street Beauty shadow in Coral Shimmer, blended into crease [not pictured, sadly]
Top Shop Crayon in Moon Shine, swiped across lower lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in Covet, applied to upper & lower lash lines
[*blended Moon Shine & Covet on lower lash line with a smudge brush]
Cover Girl Natural Luxe in Black mascara, applied to upper and lower lashes
MAC Cosmetics shadow in Unbasic White , pressed & blended into the inner corners of each eye



I do love the blending of the white crayon & the green liner on the lower lid!

And of course, let’s not forget the pink! If there are green eyes, that must mean pink lips. 🙂


In order of application:
MAC Cosmetics lipstick in Lickable
Lancome lipstick in It Girl
Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop [YES, it smells amazing!]

So, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Does pink go with green ?! It was certainly a massive beauty bag today, but 100% worth it!


Tomorrow will bring you the stellar outfit I put together to tie the whole look, and night together. And since I’ve built up the hype all week, I know you won’t want to miss it!

Stay tuned. XOXO – K

Last Thursday I took a trip to a new part of Dublin — a new zip code that is quite far away from my own! I’d heard great things about the Liffey Valley shopping centre, but because I live in City Centre, it’s usually just easier for me to wander around Grafton Street, Henry Street, or hit up Dundrum. But wouldn’t you know that the pair of shoes I wanted to complete my Friday Night ensemble was only available in ONE Dublin location — and I’m honestly thankful it was available anywhere!

I decided since I was going to walk a mile to catch the bus, then sit on the bus for an hour each way, then do some shopping I better not leave the house looking like an unfortunate slob! I decided to keep my beauty routine pretty simple, so I started with my new Madison Street Beauty mineral shadows in Cotton & French Lavender.


Years ago, in New York, I had a MAC make-up artist create a simple combo on my eyes involving white & purple that really helped detract from my lack-of-sleep under eye circles and made my eyes look a little more awake. This has been a go-to combo for me ever since then!

I started with the Cotton as an all-over mineral base then blended the French Lavender into the crease as well as along the lower lid line. Then I put a dollop of white into the inner corners of both eyes and gently blended, swept on a little mascara, threw on my red lipstick and voila! Beauty routine complete, and all in under 10 minutes!



It was pretty cold here last Thursday, and kept raining off and on, so I paired one of my favorite black and white jumpers from Express with my dark Red Herring skinny jeans and my favorite pair of Boutique 9 riding boots from Nordstrom. I added a chunky necklace I found at my favorite thrift shop here in Dublin and I was ready to go find my new shoes!


The complete head to toe look — I know they say horizontal stripes are widening, but, I really do adore this jumper of mine.



I love this necklace! The fabric flower pairs perfectly with the beads. (And since it was a thrift find, it was only 1 Euro!)



These beauties are great for Dublin — weatherproof AND comfortable enough for walking


It was quite a long excursion for just a pair of shoes, but, once you see the shoes in a post later this week I’ll think you’ll understand why it had to be done. I may have also perused the shopping centre for a bit after finding said shoes — I mean, I did sit on a bus for an hour to get there after all.

My bedroom door makes quite a poor backdrop, but I did figure out the self-timer function on my SLR camera so the pictures are at least better this week! Stay tuned for another outfit post later this week.


I’ve been a fan of the smoky eye look for quite some time. I’ve toyed with the concept from time to time, but never really achieved the “right” look. Then, thanks to Sephora & Pinterest, I found a great and simple tutorial. (I wish I could link to the pin, but, if you are interested, it is under my “Eyes, Lips, & Face board on Pinterest)

As promised, today I will feature the beauty products and steps I used in constructing yesterday’s From Head to Toe beauty look.

Step 1: Pick your face palette.

For me, I chose the usual suspects for a smoky eye: black and shades of grey. (And now you know I have a MAC obsession, in case you didn’t already–95% of my shadows & lipsticks are MAC!)

Make-Up - 8.22.13Products:
LinerEstee Lauder Double Wear pencil in Onyx
MAC in Unbasic White (right), Silver Ring (top), & Smoke & Diamonds (left)
LipsMAC in Plumful

Step 2: Apply a light layer of base shadow all over eye lids (Brush #22)

Spehora #22Step 3: Line your lashes with liner & blend with a smudger or blending brush (Brush #11)

Sephora #11Step 4: Press darker shadow (Silver Ring) onto liner and lid and blend toward crease (Brush #22 & a blending brush of choice); I also used the smudger to apply a light layer of shadow to my lower lid line.

Step 5: Apply a light layer of the lighter shadow (Smoke & Diamonds) in the crease and blend well (Eye Defining brush + blending brush of choice)

Sephora Eye DefiningStep 6: Apply a layer of lipstick, coat with a gloss and VOILA!

Beauty - 8.22.13

Now you are ready to hit the town — whether it’s lunch or a night out. (Though if it were a night out, I likely would’ve lined the lower lash line with eye liner instead of shadow). And I’ll admit this is a rather ridic picture, but, I am terrible at close-up selfies!

How did I do? Any tips or advice for future smoky eye looks?

My sister is one of the few people I actually know who wears black eye liner well. Sure, all kinds of celebs and beauty bloggers do too, but I don’t actually KNOW them. When I was watching Gossip Girl with the masses, the ever lovely Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) always had perfect makeup. This perfection always made me wish I had a beauty pro at my ever turn, doing touch-ups here or there, but alas, I’m just little ‘ol me.  I digress…

My favorite beauty look of hers was the white glitter eye crayon with the black, defined eye liner.

Blake LivelySomehow I was lucky enough to stumble upon a white crayon at Top Shop a while back.  I’ve never been big on black eyeliner, but I do LOVE how it looks with the white. Put that together with a little bronzer and a Viva Glam red lip and you have a great day OR night look.  It’s so simple and takes no time at all!

Beauty - 7.13.13

What’s In My Beauty Bag:
CrayonTopShop in Moon Shine
LinerEstee Lauder Double Wear eye pencil in Onyx
MascaraCover Girl Lash Blast Volume in Very Black
BronzerMAC Mineralize in Give Me Sun
PowderNeutrogena Mineral Sheers in Natural Ivory
LipstickMAC Viva Glam IV
Beauty Bag - 7.13.13

Do you wear white? If so, how do you define the eyes?  I’m thinking navy and/or grey (Urban Decay of course!) would also look superb.