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I found out this weekend that my FAVOURITE nail polish brand, Zoya Nail Polish, was in Nashville — well, the person handling the Twitter account for Zoya was anyway. I just happened to see a tweet come through asking for recommendations on things in Nashville and promptly responded–It is my second home base after-all!

I was pleasantly surprised when my tweet was not only acknowledged, but responded to! As a blogger, getting noticed by a brand is HUGE. And getting noticed by one of your favourites? Well, that just makes you feel like you are Queen of the World!

So, inspired by Zoya’s trip to the Music City, I opted for bold, two-tone sparkles with this week’s Nail of the Week post.

Zoya Nail Polish: Dream + Cassedy

Meet the lovely duo of Dream (left) and Cassedy (right). Dream is a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic sparkles, while Cassedy is a full-coverage pewter metallic.

I’m not fancy enough to put art on my nails, but if I were, rest assured I would’ve had all the Nashville markings painted on! (Music notes, anyone? It is, after all Music City!)

Dream is a lovely colour, and actually reminds me more of a royal blue than a deep space blue. When I think deep space, I tend to think black… The flecks of glitter in Dream are noticeable, but not overpowering. Cassedy is the perfect complement to Dream, as she’s still got a hint of sparkle, without actually being a glitter polish. I think she looks a bit teal and less pewter, but it really did depend on the light!

Nails - 4.7.14

I somehow managed to match my nails to my outfit yesterday without even trying! Who knew I had the perfect Dream coloured skirt in my wardrobe (minus the sparkles….)? Love a good bold nail! Make it two-tone for extra umph. And the way my week is going, I need that extra bit.

What do you think? Love the colours? Head on over to and snag yourself a new set today.





Last Monday was my FIRST day of work. As expected, it was a whirlwind of a day and I literally hit the ground running. It was like I’d never had any time off — the knowledge flooded back. SCORE!

Sunday night, I was digging through my nail varnishes trying to find an acceptable colour for my first week of work. My Day 1 outfit was a grey belted dress that I paired with a black blazer, black tights, and black pumps. I felt my nails needed a little colour on them, but nothing too bright or bold!

In my box, I found this little gem: Zoya Nail Polish’s Hazel.

Zoya Nail Polish - Hazel


It’s such a great colour! I’m not entirely sure why it’s called Hazel as I really don’t get any green vibes from it whatsoever. It really reminds me of an ice-blue you might see in the shops around Christmas.  It’s a great blend of silver and blue with the metallic foil finish for that “glitter” effect.

I love the metallic-foil finishes from Zoya. It’s like a glitter finish, but has a much more grown up feel. Let’s just say I don’t feel like I’m a teenager wearing the metallic-foil colours! And as an almost thirty-something, that’s definitely a good thing.

So, what is the end result on the tips?

Nails - 3.3.14

If I was better at taking nail selfies, this might look a little better, but heck, as I’m sitting here comparing this photo to the actual photo on the Zoya website,


I think it’s pretty darn good! Even got the reflections close. I could’ve played around with the contrast and brightness on my photo a bit more and probably gotten even closer. Sheer dumb luck!

I absolutely love this colour and it will be a regular staple in my nail colour rotation! My toes are in desperate need of help, so I might even get cheeky and apply this colour to my feet! (Because of course by the time I’m writing this, and you are reading it, I’m on to another colour on my tips!)

Want to add this fabulous colour to your nail polish collection? Head on over to Zoya’s website and snag Hazel for yourself for just $9.

What nail colour are you sporting this week? XOXO – K


I’m certainly not feeling my usual self this morning. Perhaps it is the weather? Perhaps I didn’t sleep well? Nevertheless, it’s Tuesday and it’s grey, cold, and rainy outside. I have no desire to leave the house today, let alone get out of my PJs, and yet I am committed to lunch and a few other bits around town in just a matter of hours. It’s time to snap out of this funk!

As I look down at my fingers as they type, I notice the nail polish I painted on yesterday for Mani Monday and I start to perk up just a smidge.

Nails - 1.20.14 (2)

My nails aren’t a bright color this time around, but they are exceptionally sparkly. I just adore Zoya Nail Polish, especially the glitter colors. They are simply fabulous and you are never left wondering if that is actually glitter or a topcoat gone rogue!

Nails - 1.20.14 (color)

Meet Tinsley, an opaque, rose gold, metallic polish that glides on seamlessly. It is definitely opaque. And the gold definitely shines through the pink rose hue on the nail, especially in the sun light. (I mentioned I painted them yesterday, so, cue sunny day photo.)

Nails - 1.20.14

The one issue I have with glitter polishes is the effort needed to remove said glitter polish–whether it be at the end of the week when switching colors, or trying to get the slips off your cuticles after a polish session. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for exceptionally sparkly, shiny nails! (And I snagged a few samples of the Zoya polish remover over Christmas and it works better than any other nail polish remover I have ever used! Snag a sample on their website now for as little as $2; I assure you you’ll come back for the 32 oz bottle!)

I have about eight more glitter polishes to try out in the coming weeks, so, stay tuned for those as well, as most might end up on Instagram rather than the blog.

Is pink your color? Are you a fan of glitter? XOXO – K

I’m fairly certain I promised you a summary & journal of last week’s 5 day juice reboot, but seeing how I had a “life” post on Friday, I decided I’d hold off on that post and keep you in suspense one more day. Today just seemed more like a mani/pedi kind of day! (Maybe because it’s windy and grey outside and color always brightens my mood?)

I must confess, this mani/pedi is actually two weeks old at this point, but I’ve been so busy attempting to keep with the blog schedule I set at the start of the month that this is when it slots in. Now, this mani/pedi was way too long overdue when I stopped by the nail salon in Georgia. My poor feet hadn’t had anything but polish since I moved to Ireland and so they were a bit desperate if I do say so myself!

Nail & Toe colors respectively

Nail & Toe colors respectively

Do you get manis or pedis? My favorite part is picking out your colors. So many fun colors with even more fun names! Sadly though, this particular salon I was at only had the colors, not the names, on the bottles. Depressing as I have no way to write about the colors other than to say a Taupe Grey and Hot Pink…

A well manicured hand is a happy hand!

A well manicured hand is a happy hand!

The color on my hands I *think* had number 89 on the bottom of the bottle, but, when I go to OPI’s website and look at it, it doesn’t look right! Anyone out there happen to know? I know the pictures here don’t really do the bottle any justice, but the photo of my hands is what the color really looks like in natural light….

Brightly colored pink toes against the sunny pavement backdrop.

Brightly colored pink toes against the sunny pavement backdrop.

Happy, bright toes! You’ll rarely find anything but bright & happy colors on my toes. Of course, Zoya has some amazing collections out right now and I’m tempted to go darker this winter!

How are your fingers & toes fairing these days? It is Mani Monday, so, get some color on your tips today!


It’s no secret that I love pink. I might even have a few posts out there about it, maybe. 😉

I met a friend for a quick drink last Friday night and she was sweet enough to hand over a goody bag she had put together for me. In this goody bag were a few items, and the first showcased item is this week’s nail color: Catrice’s “Fuchsiarama”.

Catrice Nail Polish in "Fuchsiarama"

Catrice Nail Polish in “Fuchsiarama”

The second I put the first swipe on the first nail I knew this was the PERFECT pink. It’s not too bright to be in your face, and yet it’s not too pale to go unnoticed. It’s just, perfect! Side note: I actually think I own a pair of shoes in the color — but those shoes are sequestered in my closet in the states.

The Catrice polish glides on with ease due to the wide, flat brush and leaves little to fuss over in terms of reapplication. I actually only applied one coat! I think this color may be my new go to color and the Catrice brand may be a new go to brand while I’m abroad.

Have you  tried any Catrice polishes or other products? What did you think?