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I’ve been a long time wearer/lover of Spanx legwear. They just do things for my legs, backside, and tummy. They hide, they lift, and they most definitely shape! It’s almost gotten to the point I won’t buy other brands, and at $18-$40 a pop (depending on whether you are investing in hose or tights), that’s saying something! 

That said, I’ve also tried other Spanx products, like the slimming shorts and the slimming tank. Oddly, I wasn’t a big fan of either. The shorts most certainly slimmed my thighs, but at the expense of bulges in other places. It was also quite noticeable underneath the dress I wore them with. The tank? Well, I couldn’t breathe. It also, like other control tanks I’ve tried, bunched up at the bottom as I walked and I found the constant pulling and tugging exhausting! (Though I did just happen to notice while browsing their website they have new and “slimproved” designs out…..hmmmm)

I recently was recently contacted by the gals from NUDWEAR, a UK based company specialising in shaping under garments. 

Nudwear Logo

NUDWEAR was founded by best friends Astrid Montalta and Sammy Ivanko and the duo was inspired when searching for their bridal lingerie, discovering the lingerie and shapewear in the market left much to be desired. The two set out to create a brand of desirable products suited not only for special occasions, but also for every day wear.

The girls asked if they could send over a parcel to me, including a few products to try out. A girl can never have too many clothes, especially ones that shape and slim, so I kindly agreed after a bit of research into the company itself Inside my parcel was a slimming tank, and a few other bits to be written about later, so stay tuned for that!

Nudwear - Slimming Tank

I was definitely surprised when I put the tank on. Though it was tight, I could breathe and was actually comfortable. The tank was cut just right with wide straps and a scoop neckline so that it can be worn on its own, or layered underneath a sweater or blouse. 

The tank helped even out that unsightly bra bulge and controlled the midsection nicely as well. I layered a button down blouse over it and I realised the tank did wonders in the chest area as my blouse had a tendency to gape a bit at the button on the chest. The tank evens out the chest area without sacrificing your lift, and that is a big deal, right gals? All great things thus far!

The true test came on my morning commute and throughout my day. SUCCESS! This tank didn’t ride up, didn’t bunch, and definitely didn’t scrunch! I have a twenty-two minute walk to work and the thing didn’t budge. Even throughout the day as I was up and down in the office, it stayed firmly in place and worked it’s magic all day long.

I got two more wears out of it before it had stretched enough to need a wash. I was worried about it keeping it’s shape post laundering, but to date I’ve had no issues and I’m loving the shapeliness of this tank!

If you have argued and battled tank after tank, this one is definitely worth the investment! I’ll definitely be adding another one to my collection soon as I need a white one in addition to the black one. NUDWEAR ships Internationally and you can snag yourself a tank here in your local currency: for

I promise you won’t be disappointed with this one gals! XOXO – K 


If you adore vintage-inspired or retro fashion finds  and you’ve never spent time on the ModCloth website, you are doing yourself a serious disjustice! My mother-in-law turned me on to this website about a year ago and I absolutely love it! I find I often spend hours browsing through the shoes, accessories, and clothing and you’ll find no shortage of pins on my Pinterest boards because of it!

Last week, I was contacted by a Mod Stylist who was looking for bloggers to participate in an upcoming style challenge.  I was as shocked as I was honoured to be contacted to participate! The style challenge is as follows:

  • The ModCloth Stylist sends a photo to all the bloggers participating in the challenge
  • The bloggers participating must use this photo, along with up to seven items currently being sold on ModCloth’s website, to style the outfit in the photo
  • The bloggers have until Thursday, February 6th at 11:59PM PST to style the photo, upload to their blogs, and submit their post to the stylist.
  • A winner will be chosen Monday, February 10th and will be featured on ModCloth’s Polyvore page.

So, as a participating blogger, what photo was I sent to style? This absolutely gorgeous, strapless, lace number:

And so, once I received this photo, it was off to the races for me! I think the title of the dress, Evening of Extravagance, captures the elegance and charm almost as well as the dress itself, don’t you think? If I were wearing this dress out for a night on the town, what would I wear with it?

To me, the KEY to a successful look for a night on the town consists of the three F’s:
a) Flirty
b) Fun AND
c) Functional

After browsing through the ModCloth wesbite, three hours later I was actually able to begin piecing a complete look together. And here is my masterpiece, styled for a night on the town in Dublin!

A ModCloth Evening of Extravagance

Flirty: I paired the Evening of Extravagance dress with sheer black tights which feature a seductive black line running up the back of the legs and added a pop of colour with the peep-toe, lace-up, scalloped pumps.

Fun: I added in a floral statement necklace to draw attention to the neckline, and compliment the  floral lace of the dress. I also added in a fascinator headpiece for a glammed up ‘do. I paired the outfit with a vintage postcard clutch, that keeps in line with the colour palette of the necklace and pumps.

Functional: When you live in a part of the world where it rains, but you never actually know when it’ll start/stop, an umbrella is a must. So, I styled my outfit with a fun, rain drop umbrella. And of course, it is winter, so a classic and chic wool peacoat is a must as well. Keep it black to keep it classy!

To me, styling an outfit encompasses everything, from the shoes to the coat. Could I have paired my Evening of Extravagance dress with more jewellery? Absolutely. But for me, I live in an area where you never leave home without a coat or an umbrella and that is as much a part of your “style” as chunky earrings and a bangle!

What do you think? Ready to head over to ModCloth and do some shopping? Click on any of the links above the photo to be taken to Polyvore, where you can then link to the ModCloth website and purchase any of the items you love above! Happy shopping friends. XOXO – K

It has been a little too cold for my liking lately. And the wind! Just, brrr. I’d like to think I could just hibernate in my home until spring drops warmer temperatures and sunny skies upon us, but alas, I have to eat and delivery is just out of my price range at this state. So, I’m left to thrown on my clothes, scarf, hat, gloves, wellies, and wooly coat and leave the house.

But what about all those dresses hanging in my closet? It’s a cryin’ shame to only get to wear those for the six months out of the year where it is warm enough, right? I’m brave enough to pull those dresses out and throw on a pair of tights, but inevitably I always seem to get a ladder or otherwise ruin my tights — which sends me back out into the cold to find another pair! Somehow, someone read my mind as I was contacted by a team member over at Panther Legwear — and their timing was perfect! (A huge thanks to my newfound friend, Signe of The Daily Savant, for the referral!)

Panther Logo

Panther Legwear is a new, subscription-based, company that will deliver new tights (black, artistic, or other) every month to your doorstep. It’s like Birchbox, but for tights! If you find yourself in Pennys EVERY SINGLE WEEK looking for new tights because yours were ruined on that girls night out (story of my freaking life these days!), or you just need new, fun tights (think colour and/or pattern), then you might want to check this out–especially right now as they are running a giveaway, where you could win a two-month subscription and receive eight pairs of designers tights FOR FREE.

Want a little more information? The contest runs through January 31st at which time Panther will be giving away FIVE subscriptions. Be sure to head over to the giveaway page and get entered:

Panther Tights

Click the photo to enter the giveaway!

Quite possibly the coolest thing about this (besides a free subscription!) is the company’s commitment to provide an outlet for artists and designers, where they run monthly design contests for new legwear pieces, which will be voted on by customers & social media users, with the winning design put into the production process & distributed to monthly subscribers. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Panther legwear website to subscribe for $30/month and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a two month subscription. Best of luck!

Until tomorrow, XOXO – K

I first had the pleasure of meeting Aoife and viewing her A/W 13 designs at the Mad Hatter Evening during the Dublin Fashion Festival. However, due to a low lighting situation that evening, I was unable to snap any great pictures of her amazing headpieces. Therefore, when I received an invite to her latest event, to say I was excited would be a bit of an understatement!

The event was held at  the lovely Residence Club on the east side of St. Stephen’s Green and is quite possibly the most classy & upscale place I have ever stepped foot. So much so, that the moment I walked in the door I felt like I was in a scene from a Hollywood movie where the billionaire meets a high-profile client to discuss a secret business deal.  But I digress…

Up two flights of stairs I headed, to where the launch itself was being showcased. Inside the door, I was greeted by Aoife’s fantastic team and the chatting began. Before I shuffled into the parlor room for nibbles and wine, I had the pleasure of meeting Jennie, a personal friend of Aoife’s and a member of Plunkett Communications, the agency in charge of the event. She is a fantastic lady and I am simply delighted to have made her acquaintance!

After a quick chat with Jennie and Aoife, I ran into my dear friend Lorna, of Style Isle, and we made our way to the nibbles while sipping a very lovely Merlot.

Nibbles in the Piano Bar at the Residence Members Club

Nibbles in the Piano Bar at the Residence Members Club

Now that you’ve seen a taste of how swanky the inside of this location is, let’s get to the good stuff — the launch itself!

This launch centered around the debut of Aoife’s bridal collection, which she has expanded into due to growing demand for affordable, bespoke and classic headpieces for a bride’s big day. She has long collected fabrics, gems, and jewellery from around the world, and has incorporated these items into her bridal collection, making this collection one of a kind! On the subject of the launch, Aoife says, “I am really proud of my latest collection and am so excited to be expanding into the bridal market.”

The bridal range encapsulates the whole bridal look, complementing the bride and her dress, while not distracting or taking from it. Fashioned on combs and hairbands, materials are sourced worldwide to create beautiful pieces for brides to treasure long past their wedding day. Many accessories can compliment an ensemble, but none but the hat can end the sentence.”

Diamante Jewelled Circular Headpiece Aoife Harrison - Diamante Jewelled Headpiece on Headband - HAoife Harrison - Ivory Silk Flower Headpiece with Veil - Hig Aoife Harrison - Ivory Lace Hairband with Silk Flower - High Aoife Harrison - Ivory Lace Hairband with Lace Flower - High Aoife Harrison - Ivory Floral Beret with Veil - High Res

When I got married, I wore the traditional veil, as did most of my friends. My sister, the little rebel, opted to wear a simple flower in her hair. My point? Well, headpieces are not generally something found in the States, and has only recently gained attention in the US media for the likes of the Royal Family via Kate Middleton. This is just one of the many reasons I’m so excited to be on this side of the world gaining these new experiences and expanding my horizons as well as yours, fellow reader.

After viewing Aoife’s bridal collection I’m seriously contemplating vow renewal just to get my hands on one of those birdcage veil pieces! OK, that might be a bit overboard since I’m just three years into marriage, but hey, Aoife also makes party hats and I cannot wait to order a bespoke piece for whatever races I get to attend in the future! (Find Aoife’s races/party collection here) Did you see a piece you simply loved? Well, head on over to and shower yourself with a new statement item!

Aoife, your collection is simply stunning and I wish you all the best as it hits the market! I cannot wait to see what you’ll be showcasing next. XOXO – K

Pinch me! I’m dreaming. I MUST be dreaming. Friday was one of the biggest days of my life. Before Friday, I had never been invited to a Fashion Show, let alone been to one! And here I was, at THE fashion event of the Dublin Fashion Festival: The Creative Quarter Fashion Show. While it was supposed to be held on the steps of the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, due to a little drizzle the event was moved inside.

At first I was denied entry as I wasn’t “on the list”. (Apparently I was trying to use the media entrance instead of the main, public entrance? But, I’m media, right?) Luckily, one the PR girls for the event walked over to chat up the list holder, recognized me “as that girl who won the Samsung phone”, and let me enter. At least I have a memorable face? Once inside, I made my way upstairs where the barman was mixing up cocktails of whiskey & bubbles. It sounds like an odd combo, but don’t knock it til you try it, as it was quite amazing. After grabbing my cocktail, I moved on to chat with a few blogger friends and media personnel before moving out onto the balcony area to scope out a spot to view the show.

The set-up for the show was lovely. The black stage was lined in white, with little black chairs for those with reserved seats. The lighting set the tone with deep purple hues laced with white set the ambiance. Finally, around 20:00, the show started.

A quick welcome by the Fashion Festival Director, Mr. Clyde Carroll, gave rise to an even quicker welcome by the CEO of the Dublin City Business Improvement District (BID), Mr. Richard Guiney. Then we welcomed to the stage the face of the Festival, Miss Laura Whitmore.

She said her hello’s and gushed on what it was like to be back in Dublin before the music was queued and the models began making their way towards the catwalk.

The models looked stunning in the outfits that came down the catwalk. There were tartan suit sets, little back dresses, beautiful skirts, and even a few bridal pieces. While I was too busy snapping photos to write down the looks, shall we just let the photos do the talking here? (slide show format, so be sure to view them all!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is now Sunday and I think I’m STILL swooning over the event. It was simply amazing and I am so lucky that I was invited and able to attend such an event. I cannot wait for another one! Of course, now my dreams are even bigger and some day maybe I’ll be able to cross the “be invited to & attend a fashion show at New York Fashion Week” off the list. Dream BIG, right? Dream big, then make your dreams come true!

Thank you to the Dublin Fashion Festival and everyone I have met and made friends with along the way. It really was one of the best nights of my life!  And WordPress is telling me this is my 100th post, so, it’s not just been a big day, but a big weekend too! I simply cannot wait for what the rest of September will bring! XOXO – K

Creative Quarter Final Catwalk