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As a person who has always supported causes I believe in, let me introduce you to a new handbag brand I recently discovered: Angela Roi.

Angela Roi Sunday Tote in Pink (Breast Cancer) & Yellow (Children's Cancer)

Angela Roi Sunday Tote in Pink & Yellow

Angela Roi started from the ground up by a couple (read their story, here) and is an online brand combining fashion with philanthropy. A&R produce vintage-inspired handbags that have a modern-day touch, and include cross-body handbags, totes, and shoulder handbags all made from vegan leather.

Angela Roi Blue (Colon Cancer) Square Tote

Angela Roi Blue Square Tote

A&R offers the handbags in a variety of colors, which are all inspired by life (check out their blog!), and each color representing a different charity. For each handbag purchased, $5 is donated to the corresponding charity of the color of the handbag purchased. So if you purchase a pink tote, $5 is donated to breast cancer research. Or if you purchase a red cross-body bag, $5 is donated to HIV/AIDS research. Their handbags have even been featured on Refinery 29!

Angela Roi Green Cross Body Bag

Angela Roi Green Cross Body Bag

If you read my blog regularly, then you know this is JUST the thing I’ve been waiting for and I cannot wish the company more success! I don’t know about you, but this is something I can really get behind!

I’ve actually just purchased a tote this morning and cannot wait for it to arrive and get some snaps to do a follow-up article with. So, please, get shopping over at NOW! (The handbag lover in your life will love you forever — especially when you tell them the back story!)