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For whatever the reason, I kept my head out of the game this month as the Fashion industry hopped planes, flew around the world, and did their thing. It’s likely because I’ve NEVER had the time to indulge in the February fashion musings–that’s tax season for goodness sake! Don’t ask why, the one year I’ve been unemployed and could indulge, I chose not to. I honestly don’t have an answer. Considering Paris Fashion Week is underway, maybe there is still hope for me yet? Moving on…

This morning, I found myself searching for something on the Vogue France website, when I stumbled across the Oscar de la Renta A/W14 show on their site. As the pictures dazzled my screen, I sat in awe. It’s like that moment in Sex and the City where Carrie opens the box from Petrovsky and pulls out that divine pink number of Oscar de la Renta’s. I believe it was in THAT moment, ten years ago, he stole my heart. And every collection I see of his wins me over and pulls me further in to my obsession.

The A/W 14 show is absolutely no exception. Let Oscar de la Renta win you over too. For me, this collection is all in the details. Here are my top ten of his fifty-seven looks shown. [View the full collection on the Vogue France website]

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Suiting UpI’d wear this to the office–GIVE HER A RAISE! 

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Bright BlueThis is just head-to-toe perfection

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Color & PatternBlack and blue can look so chic together! 

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - LeatherI am woman, hear me RAWR! 

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Pattern PlayGlorious black and white patterns. Classic, chic, and oh so gorgeous! 

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - PrintsI don’t know whether I want this dress or these shoes more. I LOVE the pattern play with the colours! 

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Polka Dot Day DressI have never, and I mean NEVER, coveted a dress as much as I’m coveting this one. I would put it on and wear it around town, to a show, simply every where. It is my IDEAL dress.

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Shades of RedVelvet, fur, and leather. OH OH OH! YES!

Oscar de la Renta AW14 - Polka Dot GownYou’ll find me on the red carpet in this dress someday. My kidneys and liver and whatever else I can get rid of are now for sale on the black market to pay for this NOW. 

Oscar De La Renta Finale AW14The genius himself: Oscar de la Renta.

God I love this man. I would literally faint if I ever had the opportunity to meet him. And I would give anything and everything to own something beautiful from this collection.  So I guess it’s just a good thing I’m dreaming. Queue alarm clock. Beep…beep…beep.



There came a point Tuesday night where I was half asleep on the couch, around 10PM.  It’s a darn good thing I had plugged a calendar reminder in so my phone beeped loud and clear at 11PM — otherwise I would’ve missed one of my favorite, most iconic designers’ shows!

Ever since I began reading Vogue years and year ago, I have been in love with the timeless designs from Oscar de la Renta. His show during New York Fashion Week did not disappoint!

If I were a CEO, you'd catch me hitting the board room in this!

If I were a CEO, you’d catch me hitting the board room in this!


The man can do casual too!

The man can do casual too!


Oh hello lover!

Oh hello lover!


The Ode to Women -- brilliant color, classic feminine shape, and stunningly perfect.

The Ode to Women — brilliant color, classic feminine shape, and stunningly perfect.


The shoes, the dress, all of it -- write me a love letter and send it with THIS!

The shoes, the dress, all of it — write me a love letter and send it with THIS!


Channel your inner Carrie. I was simply in awe of this dress.

Channel your inner Carrie. I was simply in awe of this dress.


Finale w/ Oscar de la Renta, Karlie Kloss, & Joan Smalls

Finale w/ Oscar de la Renta, Karlie Kloss, & Joan Smalls

I could just sit here for hours watching and re-watching the runway show. The models, the dresses, the style! Maybe some day, if I save long enough, I can own just ONE! This, my friends, is why I love fashion!



Elements of NYFW: Evening Wear

September 11, 2013 — 1 Comment

I’ve never gotten overly excited about evening wear, though it’s probably because I’ve never had an event where such attire was necessary. However, after watching the exquisite designs of Badgley Mischka walk the runway yesterday, I was ecstatic–at least for a few moments.

The whites were so crisp and white I was almost "blinded by the light"!

The whites were so crisp and white I was almost “blinded by the light”!


The mermaid look — it just works here! It flows so effortlessly and she walked so elegantly!

The detailing! Need I say more?

The detailing! Need I say more?


If I were going to the Oscars, or the Emmys, THIS would be my dress. Sexy, stunning, & perfect


This dress had a very Upper East Side prom feel to it, in my opinion, but the color and fabric caught my eye more than the dress.


Need a shorter dress? Well, why not this one? LOVE.

And with the conclusion of the collection, my excitement for evening wear went back on a hanger in the closet. It will be interesting to see which, if any, of the looks appear on the Red Carpet during awards season next spring!



For the first time in recorded history I’ve been able to not only watch, but live tweet with the best of them, during the NYFW shows I chose to watch. (As a tax accountant, this was never a luxury I was afforded due to the pending doom of 9/15.)

I’ve watched a fair number of live shows, and even more rebroadcasts. I’m still in awe with the shows, even if everything I’m seeing doesn’t quite appeal to my style aesthetic. There are plenty of blogs out there recapping each and every single show for you. So, let’s leave that to the professionals, shall we? Let us stick to the task at hand — those shows  that REALLY caught my eye and have sent me on a hunt to figure out which organ I can sell to afford a few pieces!

Lela Rose

Lela Rose presented a collection that had my mouth on the floor for the whole show. The models wearing the collection had fun, flirty, and simple up do’s and their make-up was kept to a minimum with a little bright shadow and some lip color which really allowed you to focus on the pieces themselves.

The collection has a neutral base of black, white, and khaki but is interjected with pastel color mixed with pattern detailing that gives it a very feminine and romantic vibe. The dresses can easily be styled for the office or for a night out as they are both elegant and whimsical in one. What do you think, effortless elegance?

Here is a slide show of a few of my favorite looks from the collection — and I couldn’t choose just ONE favorite. I really do love them all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Trace Reese

The first model hit the runway in the Trace Reese show, and again, my mouth was on the floor; this time for different reasons. Hello gladiators! This collection packed a sultry punch with its vibrant colorful patterns and sheer panels. I’m simply in awe of the patterned pants with the bright tops. And I must say the scarves really tie the looks together (pun not intended!). If I needed a go-to look to romp around the city in for spring, these would make an excellent first choice! However, the collection also had a softer side with various frocks & dresses with beautiful fabric details and in a variety of styles.

I hope you love the collection as much as I do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A wish list is called a wish list for a reason right? Well, I wish I could say I would be able to afford at least ONE item from these collections come spring, but, I would be lying. I hope these two ladies have future collections of this magnitude so that ONE day I may be able to own something so amazing! 

Until then, I’ll keep window shopping and daydreaming. I hope you’ve enjoyed these collections as much as I did. And for more NYFW coverage and fun, check out a few of my favorite New Yorker’s (and dear friends) blogs: Fashion.Style.Beauty, Eye4Style, & StyleIt


(All Lela Rose photos from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week & all Tracy Reese photos from Style)



As I was sitting here writing my own post about NYFW, I realized everything I wanted to write had already been said for me, and in a much better way. I will let the Madam Editor tell the story today, friends!

the. madam-editor

New York continues in its usual commercially savvy form. In day two there was lace, puffy things, cheese overload and the usual scramble. For best in show;

Tadashi Shoji.


I don’t know what made this collection so damn sweet but this was as Shoji said it was, a “sweet liberation”. Lace! Lace on lace, lace on checks or plaid or whatever you call this fabric, lace with fringe. Let it be known that Tadashi Shoji owned lace in a way its never been owned before. The look was ladylike and it played up the vibrancy of a demure collection of dresses, some pants, full flouncy skirts and a smidgen of peplum ugh. But I soon got over that to focus on all the pretty at play. There was an air of youth, but not the youth of the rockstar MTV generation that has been on display for the last decade…

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