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Last week I was browsing on Pinterest and I came across an absolutely unbelievable look. It was the embodiment of Autumn/Winter. It was absolute perfection. The femininity of the cable-knit jumper contrasted against the leather leggings brought me to my knees; It was love at first sight.

Have a look at the original blog post for yourself and tell me you don’t also fall head-over-heels in love with this look! From the talent over at Could I Have That, “Underestimated” is the title of her post and although it may be from winter 2014, it is such a timeless, classic look that it NEEDS to be a staple in every wardrobe! (Perfect title for a blog too, huh?)

And so today, I set out to create a similar look of my own, both one that every gal could afford, as well as the lavish one that every gal dreams about. (Because hey, it’s nice to have dreams, right?)

I hope you find the look as captivating as I did! And of course, if you fall in love with anything you see, click on the photo and head over to Polyvore to source the site for purchase.


Fall Faves - Budget vs High Fashion

How do you plan to style your Autumn/Winter wardrobe? Did you love the look? Shoot me a tweet!

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Blue Monday

February 17, 2014 — 2 Comments

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m completely OVER this grey, dreary weather we’ve been having as of late! It’s definitely got me down in the dumps and throw in the fact that it’s Monday and I’m ever so blue!

Speaking of blue…I picked up the February edition of Image Magazine last week and I’ve finally had a read through it. While flipping through, I saw a great page spread covering the hot hue trending right now — blue of course!

Royal Flush - Image Magazine Spread

I love the way the blue pops against the gold! I’ve always had blue in my wardrobe, especially in the accessory realm. I even wore royal blue shoes at my wedding (for my “something blue” of course). I’m happy to see that the world is catching on to this fabulous colour!

While walking around Barcelona a few weekends ago, I actually walked by the Loewe shop and noticed this beautiful number in the window:

Loewe Madrid - Acid Amazona

And now that it’s Monday and I have the blues, what better way to pull myself out of the dumps than by creating a set of pieces inspired by the blues? Creative channeling!

I’ve included the links to each piece, in case you see something you are dying to have. (I know I’m coveting everything!) Get inspired and get rid of YOUR blues with this week’s style post:

Blue Monday

River Island leather jacket
€120 –

High heel pumps
€255 –

Blue handbag
€105 –

Kendra Scott bib necklace
€140 –

Blue Nile sapphire ring
€12.400 –

White House Black Market blue earrings
€13 –

Juicy Couture iphone case
€20 –

American Vintage scarf
€48 –

White House Black Market scarf
€32 –

White sunglasses
€160 –

NARS Cosmetics matte eyeshadow
€22 –


All items are priced in Euros, but I bet if you see something you are dying to have you can easily change the currency on the website of the item to your local currency. Happy shopping!

I’m feeling better already. XOXO – K

Let’s all face the facts: you’ve seen the magazines and you know what is IN for this Autumn season; You’ve been to the shops and you’ve seen loads and loads of clothes; You are just OVERWHELMED. Well, fear not! I’ve put together some creations to help you sort through your thoughts and will help you settle on some great pieces that are “so now”.

Autumn Trend #1: ANIMAL PRINTS
From High Street to designers, grab your pieces to make a statement. Feeling bold? Rock a leopard jumper with black skinnies or pair a great printed skirt with a sheer blouse and tights for the office. Intimidated by prints? Well, spruce up a mono-chrome outfit with a scarf, a bag, a cuff, or a pair of shoes and conquer your fears!

Autumn Trend #2: LEATHER & LACE
It’s quite easy to go overboard with leather; it’s just so much fun! Keep it classy by mixing your leather pieces with a bit of feminine lace. And if leather just isn’t your thing, try a pair of boots or a bag to add texture to your looks.
Autumn Trend #3: TARTAN
Coming off of a recent trip to Scotland, I am absolutely LOVING all of the tartan I see in the stores. But just like leather, you can go overboard and fast! My advice? Avoid head-to-toe tartan at all costs and pick one or two key pieces to focus on. Love the pants? Pair it with a black jumper and a chunky necklace. Love the jacket? Pair it with dark skinnies and the tartan shoes. You can always add spice to an outfit with accessories, so if you are timid, stick to pairing shoes and bags with looks to add depth to your current wardrobe. Besides, it’s likely more budget friendly that way as well.
Autumn Trend #4: MOHAIR & FUR
Oh, you thought leather was fun? Mohair is even better! Fill your wardrobes with ridiculously soft and fuzzy pieces, because you’ll want to transition from Autumn to Winter seamlessly. Pair these soft jumpers with skinny jeans and the vests with long sleeved t-shirts & jeans. Not a fan of fur? Don’t worry, I’m not either. Too many fears of having a can of pain thrown on me for not loving the animals — but rest assured I would only buy faux fur!
So, of all the autumn trends, which one are you DYING to purchase pieces from? Me? Well, let’s just say I can’t stick to just one!
If you loved anything you saw above, just click the photo to be taken to my Polyvore page where you can shop each item individually.

This Indian summer seems to be lasting forever on this side of the world! Is anyone else ready for leather-weather already?! While I was browsing around on Lookbook the other day, I ran across this FABULOUS photo and it made me yearn for colder days! (Believe me, I know I’ll regret saying that sooner rather than later…)

Jumper + Leather

Jumper + Leather

Isn’t the jumper just perfection? And of course, pair it with the leather jeans and some rocking boots and *SWOON*. Of course, the hat just MAKES the look complete, and I’m not usually one for hats! So, I set out on a mission to “steal the style”, which is something I’ve seen in the glossy pages but never actually attempted myself. This is what I ended up with:


Casual Winter Comfort
I found this bird jumper instead of the cross and I’m actually just as fond of it. And the little monster clutch? Well, I had to add dimension somewhere as I certainly can’t rock those boots from the original picture! And the clutch was so outside of my comfort zone that I just couldn’t resist! I would love to rock this look around town — maybe even to a fashion night out!
I don’t know about you, but I’m already pulling all of my jumpers out of my wardrobe and debating on what to keep and what to replace. After seeing the above looks though, I know I’ll be adding at least one jumper to my collection this autumn! What do you think? Love the looks?


As I was roaming around Dublin yesterday getting inspiration for a big reveal post to start September, I began noticing quilted skirts in all of the stores. I will definitely not lie–I NEED ONE OF THESE NOW! Obviously this skirt going to be HUGE this fall/autumn. So, I took to Polyvore, found the skirt I’ve been lusting for the last 24 hours, and put together a complete look for you.

What’s so great about the quilted skirt? Well, besides the fact that I adore it, it is quite possibly one of the most versatile skirts I’ve come across. With just a few outfit tweaks, the look works for both the professional and casual woman. Here’s how I would style both:

Casual Look: Long sleeved white t-shirt, quilted skirt, knee-high boots, mustache necklace, satchel, and, if you are daring enough, the vest.

Professional Look: Long sleeved white t-shirt, quilted skirt, black pumps, and satchel. (though, I would still wear the necklace to work, just for laugh purposes because my co-workers had a sense of humor

The Quilted Skirt

What do you think: Would you rock a quilted skirt?