Day 29

Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the world. You have no idea how happy I am you stopped by!

I’m Katie, and I’m a former U.S. Tax accountant turning my past time into real time. I stand by my motto: “Everyone is entitled to love, life, and the pursuit of fashion” and that’s why my hobby is turning pro.  My husband and I uprooted our Tennessee lives in 2013 to journey overseas and make a life in Dublin, Ireland for a few years.

And since I want you to come back often, here are a few things about me so we can connect:

I enjoy eating, really eating. And I love cooking, when I have the tools and the time.  I enjoy all foods, especially trying new and different ethnic foods, of which I’ve found Thai to be amongst my favorites.  Dieting is NOT for me, so I try to keep my eating habits in check. I, like most people, often fail though.  I just enjoy the sweet things too much. Hence, I have a weakness for chocolate. Some day I would love to own a bakery!

I live for a proper cup of coffee and I enjoy a pint of the black stuff as much as the next person. (Yes, it really is better in Ireland!) If you had to ask me my drink of choice though, it is a tie between a blackberry martini and a rum and diet coke. Of course, you can never go wrong with a bottle of water, either. Sodas and I really tend to disagree!

I run to manage stress and stay active–but mostly just because I LOVE it. I’ve run two half marathons in my life, both of which are significant accomplishments for me (and you can read about on my site!). Best training advice I can give you? If you run, you need friends to run with you! They help push you as much as they encourage you. With them, I know I can do anything and everything I ever wanted to! Also, never ever be afraid of walking. Walking does not equal failure, ever, and you want to know why? Because you are, of course, still lapping EVERYONE on the couch! And don’t you soon forget that, you hear? A full marathon will be my next goal.

All smiles at mile 7.5!

All smiles at mile 7.5!

I graduated from the University of Tennessee & I’m a die-hard Vols fan. #VFL. I bleed orange and I sing Rocky Top loud and proud.  I can hold my own in football conversations and I often beat my husband and/or referees to penalty calls while watching games. And even though I am 5 hours ahead of the Eastern US, I’ll be awake and watching every single UT game during football season! For those of you monitoring my Twitter who aren’t Vols fans, well…I’m not sorry, but you might want to shy away from my tweets during those Saturdays!

I enjoy guilty pleasures as much as the next person; I hate reality TV, but I enjoy the teeny bopper drama shows as much as the teeny boppers. Gossip Girl or Vampire Diaries, anyone?  I’m also a Sex and the City fiend. Since watching the series in my early 20’s, I’ve longed to be thirty and I’ve been thirty at heart for nine years now!

I’d like to say SATC sparked my interest in fashion, and while it may have played a minor role, it was not until I experienced the world of Fashion in New York that I really wanted to do this. I ❤ NY.  Because of this, I have a growing passion for all things fashion; I am a crazy shoe person (In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Men, I may not know; but shoes? SHOES, I know.”) If I had to pick only one designer to wear 365 days a year, it would be Valentino (shoes) and DVF (outfits). [Shoes and clothes are NOT one in the same.]

My Blog:
This is my journey into the world of fashion, beauty, & life. It is my baby. Even though I started it as a hobby, I do write about the things I love and am passionate about (why else would you write?). And this is why you’ll never see a post just to fill a space on my site. I simply won’t stand for that.

Web, large

To explore my site, I have various links on my Homepage to guide you and I attempt to post to each of the categories regularly. If fashion isn’t your thing, but Running is, well, that’s what the links are for! I’m not ALL fashion content and I love writing about the things I’ve let you in on above.

Certain times of the year (read: Fashion Weeks) there may even be multiple posts in a day. And of course, if I have no content or am on holiday, there might be a few days where you don’t see a post, but I hope you’ll forgive me and check back often. You can even sign up for notifications via email so you never miss a post. Perfect for those of you on the go, as my site is mobile (even if it’s still a work in progress)!

I love hearing from YOU, because you are the reason I do this, so, drop me a line and let’s get social! I hope to see you again soon.



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    Hi there, happy birthday! Thanks for following my blog. Seems like we have a lot in common! We should grab a coffee sometime. If you haven’t found a cake yet, Murphy’s Ice Cream on Wicklow Street has cakes that are to die for. Best, Annie (iabreakfast.wordpress.com)


    Hi! I enjoy sharing blog notes and reading through your current styles. I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award. Please accept this award by visiting my blog at http://wp.me/p3NSWQ-uH for the information you need. Congratulations!

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