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Black Friday is only a week away, so we’ve reached the point of the year where everyone is asking: “What do you want for Christmas?” And, like every year, I’m at a loss on what to tell them. In years past I’ve put together an amazon wishlist, so the families can look at the items and purchase whatever tickles their fancy and is in their budget. However, this year all I want for Christmas is to be home, with my family.

So I sat down and started thinking about wishlists. If I were going to create my ultimate wishlist, what would it look like? What would my list have on it? So here it is, my compiled list of everything I so desperately want/need, but will just keep wishing for.

I might even convince a few of you that you want/need these things too, so I’ve included links with every picture for convenience. Just point, click, & purchase. Of course, you can always add these items to your wishlist as well, because even if your loved ones can’t afford the items, vouchers/gift cards go a long way, towards helping you snag the things you love & want, right?

The Ultimate Holiday Wish List: Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, & More 

I’ve been on the hunt for a new winter coat for a while. I love my current one, but it is starting to fall apart. And on this side of the world where I walk everywhere and battle wind, rain, snow, & cold, well, that just won’t do. This color blocked coat is everything I want in a coat–sleek, stylish, and WARM.

River Island Beige Color Blocked Faux Fur Collar Coat

River Island Beige Color Blocked Faux Fur Collar Coat

And you really can’t do winter without the accessories, right? Here are the ones I want most because they are super soft, feel great up against the skin, and will keep you warm on those cold winter walks. You always need a hat, gloves, & a scarf!

Moving out of accessories, and into my mecca — shoes & bags. No wishlist is complete without these items, right? Shoes & handbags are easy way to style up any outfit, or to transform any look from day to night with just two simple changes. Here are the items I wish I could have in my closet!

Featuring: Nine West riding boots, Nine West ankle strap pumps, a DKNY Satchel, and a Kate Spade over-the-shouder bag.

What about beauty products? I have so many on my current wish list I could write blog posts for a solid month! Here are my top six must-haves, from brushes to fragrances. No beauty collection is complete without the perfect, everyday products that will last you until next year!

Featuring: NARS blush in Orgasm, the Sephora Deluxe Brush Set, Urban Decay lipstick in F-Bomb, Urban Decay’s Naked2 eye shadow palette, Zoya’s Zenith Winter sampler collection, and Dior’s Miss Dior fragrance.

And hey, let’s not forget about the accessories, because I’m obsessed with jewelry these days. Big, chunky statement necklaces paired with delicate, feminine earrings just add charm to any and all outfits. I’ve been smitten with rose gold watches for a bit, so, of course I have to add one of those to the list!

Featuring: Betsey Johnson “Mysterious” Eye Necklace, Kate Spade Gold-Tone Bow Stud Earrings, GUESS Quartz & Rose Gold Watch, The Limited Floral Statement Necklace and Floral Stud Earrings, and Sterling Silver Diamond & Floral Bangle

Now, I won’t lie, there are plenty of items on my wish list that have nothing to do with fashion or beauty. For instance, I’ve decided that 2014 is the year I take my photography skills to a whole new level, for blogging purposes, of course. With that in mind, I’ll actually need photo editing software–something better than the free program I’ve been using for the past few months.

After much discussion with a friend whose husband is a graphic designer, I’ve added Adobe’s Photoshop Elements to my list as it does almost as much as Photoshop with a much smaller price tag; and since I’m not going into the photography business, I’m told this will do the trick!

You also know that I’m a coffee nut. Well, if you are like me and are just a sipper, then you know that your coffee gets cold QUICK — especially during the cold winter months. All of my travel coffee mugs are cute and serve their purpose, but, wouldn’t it be great if my coffee stayed warm ALL morning? Well, look no further than this stainless steel tumbler. It comes in an array of colors and two sizes and will keep your coffee warm for up to four hours–long enough for you to enjoy every single ounce WARM. It’s kind of a must for any coffee lover in your life!

Well, if I look back through this list, I certainly have a lot of wishes, don’t I? Good thing I already decided what I wanted MOST for the holidays, huh? And maybe you have a few ideas for the special people in your life now — double win!

What do YOU want most for Christmas this year? XOXO – K


I’ve never done a tech post before, but as I was sitting here reading my glossies and various friends’ blogs the other day, the thought came to me! My life, especially my blogging life, has been forever changed by a few things, most of which are technology related. As this technology has helped me out so much, I’d like to share my knowledge with you now! I’ve put together the top three apps that have influenced my blogging and social media interactions and I share them with you in no particular order.

Next Issue: In the states, I had subscriptions to no less than 5 magazines and my husband had a few more. Sadly, when I moved overseas I had to cancel all of these subscriptions, and this was probably the worst day of my life because I knew that meant no more 900+ pages of Vogue with the September issues. Then, I discovered the Next Issue app thanks to my amazing friend Sarah of StyleItOnline.

This app gives you access to over 100 different magazine titles, everything from Automobiles to Travel and everything in between, and the BEST thing about this app is you have access to back issues of the magazines as well as the current issue available on the news stands. Hello, lifesaver! Now my husband and I have all of our magazines back and then some! And I’ve discovered some amazing fashion finds, recipes, and travel destinations that I may have otherwise never had in print!

The app is free to download, but will run you $10-$15 per month depending on which subscription plan you choose. For me, this is a small price to pay for as many magazines as I’m reading every month. Just make sure you do the math to ensure the cost/benefit will be worth it for you before signing up! (But you can cancel your subscription at any time) If you are a magazine junkie like I am, and you are always on the go, this app might just be for you as it is cross-platform and can be used on your computer or tablet. Don’t get me wrong, I still love having a glossy in my hands as there is no substitute for flipping pages, but sometimes those glossy pages don’t  fit in your handbag!

Give it a go here:
Next Issue

HootSuite: I don’t know about you, but in a given day I switch between Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social media outlets so many times it sometimes makes my brain spin and my browsers crash! Then one day not too long ago, I was watching my Tweetdeck feed and I stumbled upon an article from Mashable: The Beginnger’s Guide to Hootsuite. Naturally, I created a HootSuite account, followed along with the guide, and got myself all set up and HOLY MOLY my life has been changed! I can now easily navigate between my social media platforms without having 400 tabs open in my browser; I can easily post or schedule a status update to all of those platforms (same status, all platforms); and I can even shorten my links to conserve precious character space in my posts to target my audience with hashtags! (read: it’s your 140 character best friend, especially if your blog domain takes up half of your tweet!)

It has been a real time-saver to have such a platform that can handle all of these things for me and I never post a link on Twitter without shortening it — characters are so important! I really had no idea what I was missing out on, but am eternally grateful I found the article when I did! And while I find it’s easier for me to use while on the computer–especially when trying to put blog updates on social sites–I do also have it set up on both my phone and my IPad for when I’m on the move. Best news though? This app is FREE (but you can always upgrade to Pro if you manage multiple brands or accounts) and who doesn’t love something for free these days? I’d easily pay for this app though, knowing the simplifications is has brought into my life!

What are you waiting for? Simplify your life here:

Pocket: As a blogger, I read tons of other blogs in a day and I see so many more things run through my twitter feed that I want to read but just simply may not have time for when I see them. Bookmarking everything takes up too much time, and space, and ultimately just gets lost in translation! I have loads of blogs bookmarked, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t bookmark every article that I want to read! Then, I found Pocket. Pocket is like a bookmark, but so much better because it is saved to your Pocket account and then you can tag that save to easily find it later. Best parts? You can look at your bookmarks whenever and wherever from any device with the app (even offline, great for traveling!) and this app is FREE. Save an article from Twitter on the computer and read it later on the train from your phone. GENIUS. I found this app particularly helpful when I was training for my half marathon as I was storing running articles left and right.

Sign-up today here:

I hope some of this information you’ve found useful. All of these apps have changed my life, for the better, and I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t fully utilize & adore them! You can always unsubscribe/delete if you hate them, right? And of course, as you work through the apps, give me a shout if you have any questions. I’ve had my fair share of frustrating moments with technology!

Enjoy your new apps. XOXO – K