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Do you remember my “30 Things I Want to Accomplish in My 30th Year” post? I certainly needed to take a refresher read through the post.I’m approximately 167 days removed from the last day of my 30th year…However, I had quite a few lofty goals during that time. As I look back on the time that has passed since that day, I think of all the things I have accomplished — even things that weren’t on the original list. Of course, there are also a few goals that never materialized during that time.

As I reflect back on that time, I wanted to post the update, which in turn will help me write some new goals as we approach a brand new year in the next 50 days.


 UPDATED & FINALIZED: The 30 Things I Want to Accomplished in My 30th Year (plus 167 days)

✅Run a marathon – Completed the Georgia Publix Marathon on March 22, 2015

Climb a mountain

✅Run a timed 5K race under 30 minutes – Completed the Dublin Grant Thornton Corporate Challenge in August 2014 at 27:45

Take a baking/decorating course

✅Visit an Eastern European country – I visited Croatia, Slovenia, & Czech Republic in July of 2015

Read more books

Run a timed 10K race under 57 minutes

Take a photography course

✅Begin selling cupcakes – I had an office bake sale on May 27, 2015 and sold 6 dozen cupcakes

Take a cooking course

Attend a fashion week

✅Try a new, exotic food – I’ve tried both Korean BBQ and Persian cuisine

Send more “just because” mail

✅Run a timed half marathon under 2 and a half hours – Completed the Dublin Half Marathon on September 22, 2014 in 2:07

Travel more

✅Join a running club – Joined the Atlanta Track Club in October of 2014; Trained with the ATC during both 2015 spring/fall marathon training

Cycle 100K in a single day

✅Raise $1,000 for charity – I raised $3,000 for Girls on the Run

✅Run a profitable business – $22/ month isn’t much, but it’s profitable!

Take a sewing course

Get 100 new blog followers

✅Keep in touch with friends more – I try to call/text regularly, even if it’s just to say hi!

✅ Learn to play tag rugby

✅Set aside at least $500/month to savings – Moving back to the US really helped on this front!

Get five new Juice Plus customers

Keep a food diary for 30 straight days

Write an A-Z series blog post

✅Conquer a fear – I can’t tell you what as it is personal, just know that I did.

Start a date night jar and use it frequently

As you can see, I didn’t quite conquer half of what I wrote down to do, but, I learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way! I’ve been through quite a few leadership and mentoring seminars lately, and I know how important WRITTEN goals are. I’m a visual person, and just having them in front of me, helps me stay focused on what I want. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016!


In the workplace, we’re required to set goals; from goals that align with the company’s business plan to goals that ultimately drive our career paths. All too often though, people forget that setting personal goals is just as important, because if you aren’t working towards something are you really working at all? I suppose most people would say their New Year’s resolutions are their goals, and if there are people out there that actually keep their resolutions, props to them!

I’ve spent the last six months compiling a list of the goals I have in mind for the next year of my life — those short term goals that I can just check off the list as I go along. Some of these will seem simple enough on the face, but others, not so much. A few of them are likely a bit vague on the surface, which is something a goal is not supposed to be, but vague or not, they are still my goals.

And so, join me on my journey over the next year, and help me succeed!

 30 Things I Want to Accomplish in My 30th Year

Run a marathon

Climb a mountain

Run a timed 5K race under 30 minutes

Take a baking/decorating course

Visit an Eastern European country

Read more books

Run a timed 10K race under 57 minutes

Take a photography course

Begin selling cupcakes

Take a cooking course

Attend a fashion week

Try a new, exotic food

Send more “just because” mail

Run a timed half marathon under 2 and a half hours

Travel more

Join a running club

Cycle 100K in a single day

Raise $1,000 for charity

Run a profitable business

Take a sewing course

Get 100 new blog followers

Keep in touch with friends more

✅ Learn to play tag rugby

Set aside at least $500/month to savings

Get five new Juice Plus customers

Keep a food diary for 30 straight days

Write an A-Z series blog post

Conquer a fear

Start a date night jar and use it frequently

In a year, I hope to look back on all the things I’ve accomplished in my 30th year and wonder why I hadn’t set goals like this before! Maybe I’ll start a trend! (Of course, I did get the idea from my friend Amy, so I can’t say the credit is mine at all….Thanks Amy!)

Do you set personal, yearly goals? Do you mark them off the list as you complete them?

Until next week (when thirty is just a thing of the past!), XOXO – K

And so, here it is. THE actual day. I’M THIRTY! I’m sure by the time this post goes live I’ll have loads of messages wishing me a happy birthday. (And I’m already thanking you a day before!)

Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate where you are going, without appreciating and embracing the past. And so, what could be more fitting on my birthday than a stroll down memory lane? I promise you, these aren’t all good memories, but we would never know good without bad, and so I embrace it all.

Thirty Memorable Moments of the Past Thirty Years

  1. Having my house toilet papered with 72 rolls of paper
  2. My first New Year’s Eve flour fight with Natalie
  3. My first kiss
  4. The day I moved from Arkansas to Tennessee for college
  5. My wedding day
  6. The first (and only) time I got pulled over (yes, it ended with a citation and no, i did not cry)
  7. My 21st birthday
  8. The day one of my best friends passed away
  9. The day I closed on my house
  10. Getting shot at with two different guns on the interstate in Arkansas
  11. The day I moved to Dublin
  12. The time I went white water rafting with my dad and my good friend Anna.
  13. Seeing Wicked on Broadway for the first time
  14. The night I decided to give it up to a boy
  15. Dancing at Carousel on an empty dance floor during $5 beer bust with Lisa on random Wednesday nights
  16. My first (devastating) heartbreak
  17. Passing notes in class written in code (using the Greek alphabet) so no one could read them if they were confiscated
  18. Getting rear ended on the interstate on my way to Florida
  19. Winning a brand new smart phone at the Dublin Fashion Festival kick-off
  20. Passing the CPA exam
  21. The morning a tree came through the roof in a tornado when I was a small child
  22. My sister’s wedding day disaster
  23. Opening the Christmas gift from my mother that contained an authentic, vintage Chanel handbag
  24. The entire day I spent at a cove in Spain fishing for lunch and hanging on the beach with friends
  25. The day I got my driver’s permit and drove my mom home from the testing centre
  26. Stuffed animal fights in the hallway with my sister & baby-sitter
  27. Playing ghosts in the graveyard with all of the neighbours on summer nights
  28. The UT/AR football game that went into 6 overtimes my freshman year of college
  29. The first time I held my niece
  30. Being stranded in New York during Hurricane Sandy

There are so many more moments that are worthy of the list, and I’m sorry there are no photos today. Sometimes though, the best things in life are best remembered in our heads, right?

Here’s to thirty and fabulous! XOXO – K

Yesterday we touched on thirty of the places I’ve already been — and before thirty. What about the next thirty years though? I definitely don’t want to stop traveling! (Does the title of the post make anyone else start singing the Tim McGraw song? You’re welcome.)

So, we better start with a list of places to mark off as time goes on. Some big, some small, but all will be phenomenal.

Thirty Places to Visit After Thirty

Vienna, Austria

ViennaDubrovnik, Croatia
Petra, Jordan
Bora Bora
St. Petersburg, Russia

St. PetersburgBerlin, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Porto, Portugal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de JaneiroBahamas
Grand Cayman Island
Prague, Czech Republic
Madrid, Spain

MadridGrand Canyon
Belfast, Ireland
Birmingham, England
Bratislava, Slovakia

bratislavaIstanbul, Turkey
Copenhagen, Denmark
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Riga, Latvia

RigaBruges, Belgium
Johannesburg, South Africa
Havana, Cuba
San Juan, Puerto Rico

San JuanLake Tahoe, Nevada
Quebec, Canada
Sydney, Australia
Cairo, Egypt

CairoHong Kong, China

Where would you go? Suggestions are always welcome as this is just an excerpt of a fast-growing list! Dream big, right?


There is a whole big world out there, and I’ve been fortunate enough to experience my fair share thus far. I love the thrill of traveling, of a new place, of new faces, of new languages. It’s absolutely amazing. Of course, you don’t always have to leave your homeland to experience a new world of opportunities — you never know what you’ll find in the country that is your home!

Thirty Places I Traveled Before Thirty

Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Rome, Italy
Los Angeles, California

New York, New York


Chicago, Illinois

St. Louis, Missouri
Paris, France


Lucerne, Switzerland

Benitatxell, Spain

Edinburgh, Scotland

Pienza, Italy

View from Pienza
London, England

Athens, Greece
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Barcelona, Spain


Glasgow, Scotland

Malahide, Ireland

Lisbon, Portugal

Breckenridge, Colorado

San Francisco, California

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre
Pilatus, Switzerland

View from Pilatus
Pompeii, Italy

Seismbra, Portugal

Sunset in Sesimbra
Brussels, Belgium


Den Bosch, Netherlands

Den Bosch
Atlanta, Georgia

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Delphi, Greece

The world is your oyster — are you a traveler?